Thursday 12.13: Classic Hoodies, Crew Neck Two Tone, Two Tone Hoodies, and Doggie Long Sleeves


1. SWEATSHIRT designs are finally in. Order forms will be on the desks by 12:00 class tomorrow. You must order by Monday, December 17. We will get these by before New Year’s, but probably not before Christmas.

There are many options this year compared to past years, and not just color! Pricing will be on the order form. Please be careful, orders are final.

Sizing is normal as past so I am told. If different we will address it accordingly.

2. Toys for Tots need to get DONE!!!!




Strength: Press
5-5-5, done in 10 minutes

then Push Press
3-3-3-3, done in 15 minutes


Row 1000m (buy in)
then AMRAP
KB Swing, full OH, 53/35 with remaining time
– Every drop/stop of swinging = 1 Wall Climb

S: Row 800m, 35/26, 5 Push-ups not Wall Climbs
L1: 35/26

Rx+: 70/53, 2 Wall Climbs



Lift: Split Jerk

Accessory: Press
– Max Chin Over Bar Hold after each set, cap @ 30 seconds. Overhand Pull-ups Grip

Conditioning: 10m AMRAP
Row 1000m, then AMRAP with time remaining
KB Swings 53/35
– 1 Wall Climb every drop/stop of swing


The Program : Off Day


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