Thursday 2.14: SelfieCause is Where You Can Spread The Love on Valentine’s Day

This is a bit of a personal ask here so please read on.

My brother who I am very close with and was an original member of CF Lando Woburn and was so for 3 years is heading up a new tech startup. They are going to take the entire app world by storm with something revolutionary, an app that has thousands of charities under one platform and allowing you to make auto donations for as little as $1 a day. Read on for more about what they are doing, and info about how to download their app that works directly with the Boston Bruins and their Foundation.

SelfieCause is a the organization that helps you share the love this Valentine’s Day and any day of the 365. They build out apps for specific large organizations (like the Boston Bruins, read below). Eventually they will have a main destination app and a thriving network of major brands and organizations that you can earn rewards from, everything from a Starbucks Latte to a vacation to Bermuda, just for donating money to great causes YOU care about. Best thing is you can set auto donations for as little as $1 a day so you don’t even have to worry! Of course the whole selfie thing is part of the driving force in the whole thing where you are encouraged to take a selfie and post it shouting out the awesomeness you just partook in with donating through the app.

It would be awesome if you went and downloaded the Boston Bruins Foundation app they just custom built that went live last week. Yeah, those Boston Bruins. Download it, maybe toss some dollars around, and earn rewards immediately! I would appreciate it, he would appreciate it, and honestly it’s an awesome concept that is really taking off. The Bruins are their first big organization they custom built an app for and are waiting for more NHL teams and other professional sports and large corporations.

Download the Boston Bruins Foundation App! Support SelfieCause! Share the love!

Valentine’s Day is about love of all things. Not just enjoyment by couples, and shame for non. This is about a day to show love and appreciation for everything you have love for in your life..

Love of anything. Surely love of a significant other, but why not also your kids, your animals (yes not just dogs), your friends, your health and fitness, YOURSELF. Love whatever you got, and find a way to show it.

Nobody doesn’t want to know how much you care about them. I get it if you aren’t the type to use the “L” word easily, so show it through a gesture, a note, a card, or a favor they didn’t ask for. Love can be shown in many different ways, and the 14th is just a chance to explore all the ways you can!


Strength: Push Press

10 Overhead Squat 115/75
10 Push Press
10 Broad Jumps
10 Situps

S: 75/55
L1: 95/65
Rx+: 135/95


Lift: Push Jerk
EMOM 8m: 3 Reps

Accessory: Push Press
E2M for 6 sets: 3 Heavy Reps

Conditioning: 3 Rounds
Row 750m
9 Power Snatch, heavy but rep-able

The Program: Off

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