Thursday 2.21 : CLOSED FOR AM

We are closed for classes THURSDAY AM

Thursday night will be the first Open WOD will be announced at It’s a cool event that they announce and have some superstar CrossFit athletes perform live so all can watch from around the world. Get on Facebook live and try and watch as it’s entertaining but also a good explanation of what the workout and Open overall is like.

The Open is like week 1 of the NCAA Basketball March Madness. The first step in a long journey for the best of the best to compete for n

Sign up at the site ASAP (by Saturday) so we can put you on a team competing in the Team Lando v. Team Stacey showdown. This battle over the 5 weeks will determine Lando supremacy.

If you are unsure about signing up because you don’t know the Open or it’s your first year, the easiest way to think of it is it’s just another Saturday workout. The events are very much like what I program each and every day here at Lando so you have 0.00 excuses!


Strength: Bench Press

Run 400m
25 Wall Ball 20/14
15 KB Swing 53/35
50′ Front Rack KB Carry (r)
50′ Front Rack Carry (l)

S: Run 200m, Farmer’s Carry, 35/26 Kb
L1: Run 300m, 53/35 eye high swing
Rx+: 70/53 K


Lift: Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat
EMOM 10m : 1 Set

Accessory: Front Squat
1-1-1-1-1-1 with 5s pause

Conditioning: 15m AMRAP
Row 400m
25 KB Swings
50′ Farmers Carry, down with R back with L

The Program : Off