Thursday 2.7: New Nutrition Program Starting with Limited Spots Open

Thursday 2.7: New Nutrition Program Starting with Limited Spots Open

I am excited to announce the start of something we have had in the works for a while. I say we but really I mean Stacey.

Introducing “Fit and Fabulous, Fit and Fierce”, the new personalized and individual nutrition program for CrossFit Lando clients only. With our initial new nutrition program rolled out a few months ago has been carefully curated and improved by Stacey to what we have now. Stacey is the designer of the program and will be the implementer of its process. I believe what we have now is truly extraordinary.

The idea is simple. You sign up for a 2 month “Session” and you get an individual, personalized nutrition program that is given to you by a coach. The special thing is this coach will continue to work with you as your guide for at least 2 months, and this coach in all instances for the present and foreseeable future will be none other than Coach Stacey. If and when the program grows we will have additional specially certified Lando Nutrition Coaches that will follow Stacey’s guidelines so all programs have equal ability for success.

This isn’t just a question in class here and there. This is like weekly personal training just for your nutrition. Your program will be tailored to your specific goals and needs, whether it be totally overhauling your food intake and physique, to gaining 5# of muscle, or keeping muscle but losing only bodyfat. All options are on the table. Guaranteeing that you get the attention you need is made by there only being a limited amount of spaces for each session.

Here are some more points about this program. Signups will start ASAP and contact info is below. Even if you are late to the game signup wise do so because Stacey will be taking wait list and open up spots as she sees fit.

This two month program will be designed entirely on the individual needs of each participant.  No two programs will be alike because no two people are alike.  There will be a comprehensive collection of data (questions, food logs) that will be used to design the best nutrition program to help each individual achieve their goals.  You will be guided throughout the entire process.  The goal of this program is that after two months individuals can take what they learned and apply it to their healthy lifestyle going forward.  

Here is what can be expected:
– $200 paid up front covers two months and intensive coaching
– Initial data collection* In person meeting to start the program 
– Program design and execution 
– Weekly check ins via email/text/phone
– One month in person meeting
– Daily support/tips/recipes
– Results you never thought possible.

“Fit and Fabulous, Fit and Fierce” is LIMITED SPOTS ONLY!!!   Sign up ASAP if you are interested. After 2 months the next session will start and more spots will open up, with waitlisted clients coming first.

Contact Stacey at [email protected]


Strength: Bench Press
4-4-4, then 2-2-2 with 3s pause on chest and at lock out

WOD: 4 Rounds, each round 3:00 AMRAP with 2:00 rest
5 Wall Climbs
7 Thrusters 75/55
12 Pistols (alt)
24 Double Unders

S: 3 Wall Climbs, Front Squat, Jumping Squats, 50 Singles
L1: Scaled Pistols, Mix DU and Singles
Rx+: 95/65

Lift: Push Jerk

Accessory: Bench Press
4-4-4 then 2-2-2 with 3s pause @ chest

Conditioning: 4 Rounds, each round 3:00 AMRAP with 2:00 rest
5 Wall Climbs
7 Thrusters 75/55
12 Pistols (alt)
24 Double Unders

The Program: Rest Day

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Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Lando!  The first step is to set up a no obligation, complimentary intro session where we take you through the essential movements used in CrossFit, BootCamp, or Weightlifting. We also answer any questions you may have about the program and put you through a short, intense WOD (workout of the day) to give you a feel for what we do.

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