Thursday 3.14: Coach Eric’s Last Night (and the Open restults)

It’s true. Our Thursday stalwart Eric and his wonderful wife Sam have decided to be weirdos and leave the city sell their place and buy a nice home with, you know, space and, you know, a yard and stuff that kids and dogs like. Tonight in Charlestown will be his last time coaching for us at least for what we all know at this point. He will still be working in Cambridge so claims he will workout here still, and you better believe we will be forcing him to do so.

On a personal note, I have known Eric since August 31st 2016, the day before we officially took ownership of Charlestown. I might have met him a few weeks before when we covertly ran a charity event as guest coaches, but he was unremarkable I guess I was really busy and don’t think I got his name that day. From day 1 of my owning this place Eric has been the most honest, caring, no BS person/employee I have had in this community.

His presence has been constant as a member and almost as a coach save for a few months after we first took over. Eric is one of the most reliable coaches I have ever had, not just in the sense that he is on time and never misses a day, but I know that I can rest easy on days he coaches and that my gym is getting well taken care of. Over the years as I’ve gotten to know him more and more as a person I can’t help but respect him more and more as well.

I am trying to keep this from getting too long as a good bye post so that he doesn’t feel pressured to stay away as a member. The bottom line is we want Eric to know how much we valued him as a coach and how good of a job he did for years here at CrossFit Lando Charlestown. If you have a chance to get to class Thursday please do so. Give Eric all you got one more time!

Open Inter Lando Throwdown : Team Lando Wins Again! Complainers and Accusers of Cheating Go to Hell

Team Lando takes Week 3 as well! And hey, all you a-holes who lose and then are accusing ME of somehow cheating…first, some people can look in the mirror first, and second remember I literally take THIS LEADERBOARD and compile the scores. I texted the other team leader (Stacey) my work but you can all take the time that I do out of my day and add up all the scores yourselves. Get at me when you find out the same result.

I have an idea!!! How about next week we all focus on maybe doing better in the workouts and not on complaining that I am somehow cheating, that which would involve me hacking into the Games site and changing scores.

Awesome, thanks!!


Strength: Push Press

3 Wall Climbs
6 Pistols (each leg)
9 Push Press Wall Ball
12 Situps

S: Jumping Squats
L1: Scaled Pistols
Rx+: MB Situps


Lift: Push Jerk

Accessory: Push Press

Conditioning: 12m AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
9 Wall Ball
12 Situps
9 Burpees

The Program : Rest

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