Thursday 3.15

After 3 weeks and 4 workouts, The 2nd Annual LandOpen BloodBath for InterContinental Suppremacy is…

Team Lando: 2!!
Team Stacey: 2!!

Even as we head into Week 4/Workout 5. Go Teams!

Open Heroics: I repeatedly say before every year that one of the great things with the Open is it pushes us to do things we never thought we could. The stories that back this up are endless every year, this year no different. One such story just happened when Megan P in Woburn asked me if she could do 18.3 again on Monday night, against standard policy of 1 and done. However, her reason was solid and I allowed it. That reason being…she didn’t know until mid workout on her first attempt that she could in fact do the workout as Rx! And that would be a first ever Rx for her on top of it. It’s stories like that that make the Open so cool. How many people do their first pull-ups without a band because they are forced to try, first muscle ups, first weight, whatever it is, makes it all so cool. So, here are a few people who have done really cool stuff so far, and many more will be shouted out as the weeks go on! Great work everyone!


Mike Milofsky (Woburn): Dude tore his Achilles tendon and has participated in every workout AS RX. Im talking one leg double unders, doing bar facing burpees and squats. It’s been special to watch. Great job Mike!!!

Megan Papetti (Woburn): Did her first ever workout as Rx and just happened to be IN THE OPEN. Great job Meg!

Bryan Kent (Charlestown): Nothing like shutting Lando up when I am going on about “you won’t get your first (enter movement here) during this workout” by getting MULTIPLE ring muscle ups after his FIRST EVER IN WOD.

Lauren Hicks (Kind of Everywhere): Cleaned WELL over bodyweight in 18.2a….Lost so often in CrossFit is how weight is not properly accounted for in workouts in competitive situations when it is a MASSIVE piece of the performance puzzle. Simply put, being smaller puts athletes at a huge disadvantage in workouts that are solely based on weight lifted in terms of scoring. Many people cleaned over BW so this isn’t to ignore any of them, but 125% of BW is impressive considering all the facts of that workout. Go Lauren!

Mikki (Woburn): First pull-ups as Rx…ALL OF THE PULL-UPS.

Laura T (Woburn): Also in the Clean Props Gang, LT PRd her clean TWICE during 18.2a. Sick shiiiiiiit!!!

Point Getters for the Squad: When it comes to qualifying an affiliate for Regionals, we might be a bit lagging in the overall game, but that doesn’t mean the efforts of Operation Lando as a whole haven’t been the beginning of something great for the future. CrossFit takes the top 2 scores from both Men and Women to make the affiliate score on a given week. Props to Jaime Trout who has contributed a top 2 score on 2 of 4 workouts. Additional shoutout to Molly Cunningham and Lauren Hicks for their each 1 workout point contributions they have given. Just because she is a coach doesn’t mean I won’t give her props, because Coach Stacey Kroon giving the top score for each workout including her dreaded double under workout in 18.3 is amazing, or just classic Stacey.

On the side of the gentlemen, we have shoutouts due for Coach Kyle Hicks giving 3 of 4 scores, along with Coach Bud Henry doing the same, with Dan Dionne giving 2 of 4 scores to round it out.

Personally I love seeing coaches being leaders in this category, just as much as I love seeing members being at the top of the competition leaderboard when most of you as members cannot dedicate the time that a coach or “professional” in this sport can to their training.

As I said, there will be many more shoutouts coming through the weeks as the efforts pile up. Keep focused and ready for more information to come for the 18.5 Lando v. Martin showdown and Lord Hobo Brewing Party!! Go everyone! 


Thank you for bearing with us with all the snow. Even if another storm comes next week, we really are at the end of the line and warm weather is coming! Bear with it, and keep coming and getting fit.

We have announcements for the new Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman Teams/Clubs that are being released with special programs to go alone or be separate of them for you. Sometime a few weeks after the Open is the timeline for all of these being accessible to you. Perfect for whatever you want to be working on for the Spring/Summer training period.



Strength : Bench Press
5×3, then 30s on 30s off for 3 rounds, ME @ 70%


WOD: 15-12-9-6
Thrusters 75/55
Power Snatch

L1: 65/45

Rx+: 95/65



Lift : Power Snatch
– Warmup then EMOM 5m, rest 1m, 3x : 3 TnG Power snatch, use same weight for entire 5m section each time

EMOM 14m
O: 3 Snatch DL, 5s tempo up, 5s tempo down with 3s pause at knees. Make weight so it can be done accordingly.
E: 3 Behind Neck Push Press (from rack), heaviest able

Conditioning: 3 Rounds
Row 700m
15 Push-Ups
15 Power Snatch 95/65
10 Box Jumps 24/20, full stand


The Program (assuming Saturday WOD)

1. Strength and WOD

2. Every 7m, 3 sets for 21 total minutes

Row 45/35 Cal
15 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20
15 Strict HSPU

rest remainder of time

3. Core
4 Rounds
15 GHD Situps
15 GHD Hip extensions

Both done AFAP


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