As we get closer to the weekend I am reminding everyone in Charlestown to keep registering for class beforehand and signing in once there, ESPECIALLY for Saturday. We will 100% be adding another class by end of month at latest but even then the registering in TRIIB is for more than just crowd control.

Many of you do this and I thank you. Others have started and I thank you too. Those who never do I hate you and will until you change your ways.

Let’s keep this week rolling!



Core Warmup : 10 Minutes

Conditioning 1 : For Reps of Wall Ball
Row 700m in 4:00 then immediately at 4:00 start AMRAP 3 of Wall Ball 20/14

Women use 9′ target as Rx. 

rest for exactly 5:00 (12:00 on clock)

Conditioning 2: 13 Minute AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
6 Ring Dips
9 Situps
21 KB Swings 53/35 (OH)

Scale as needed ROM and weight on KB


Strong  : Come check this class out on your off days like Thursday. Still good to lift heavy this time in the cycle from time to time. As always, just listen to your body!

Lift: 1 Front Squat + 1 Split Jerk + 1 Clean (any) from floor
– Done E2m for 10 total sets (20 minutes)

Accessory Strength : 12m AMRA
25′ Walk
2 Back Squat , 1 with pausek
25′ Walk

Barbell is on your back for both walk lengths.


The Program : Off other than working on warmup for next few weeks. Do not try and make up missed work. Friday and Saturday have plenty of work per day. Trust me.

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