Thursday 7.26



Strength : Bench Press
Find a 1 rep max, PR goal

WOD: 5 Rounds
12 Sumo DL High Pull 95/65
12 Walking Lunges (each leg)
12 Overhead Squat

Rest 1:00

S: 75/55, Front Squat for OHS
L1: 75/55

Rx+: 2 Lateral Burpee every time bar is dropped including completing movement sets



Lift : Snatch
EMOM 10m : 2 Power Snatch, increase as able

Accessory: Snatch Balance, Power Catch

Conditionig : 7 Rounds
7 Box Jumps 24/20
7 Snatch Balance 75/55
7 Power Clean


The Program : off


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