Thursday May 9: Cliff Notes to Getting Stronger

Getting stronger is all about volume. Volume when we talk about it in fitness/strength and conditioning refers to the number of reps you do in a certain set or mainly workout session.

Volume can do a lot of things, including hurt you. If you do an increased volume of bad repetitions at a weight that is bad for you, that’s too many bads for a lot of reps.

Volume does a lot of good things though too, including build intensity and push the route to increased strength. I know it seems that this is some strange science that has an ornate code to break to find the secrets to your fitness goals. Strength really is as easy as consistent volume with consistent intensity.

Take this past day’s strength work, the EMOM from Wednesday. It was 12 minutes of 2 squat cleans and 1 jerk. I know it is deceiving because WODify asks you to record, or at least loudly represents, the heaviest of your lifts. If you want to get stronger, which is an element of fitness so getting stronger means getting more fit, then you need to look at a session like this as the total weight you lift being what is important.

Remember the 75-80% rule. That is where our working sets start. Working sets refer to the work where our body really starts getting hormonal change affecting us internally, things like growth hormone being produced during and after our workout that helps with our recovery and growth.

As long as you stay at and above that 75-80%, strength is built living in that range, not just briefly visiting the peak of it on a rush job up and out. In other words you are going to improve your strength, improve your fitness, infinitely faster if you did all 12 minutes of Wednesday’s work at 75-80% of your clean and jerk max, rather than doing 4-6 minutes at 60-80% and then shot up to get a bulletin board max lift in towards the end.

Try it out just on paper with your actual max. If you live in the 75-90% range (the realistic range you would be in if this is what you did due to fatigue) and not most at 60-80% with a few shooting up over 90% at the end, your total would be much higher for the former. Apply this to all your lifting in all our classes and it works just the same.

Lift more weight more often, get stronger and more fit. Holy shit!

Strength: Push Press

5 Wall Climbs
10 Wall Ball
15 Push-Ups
20 Burpees

Lift: Split Jerk

Accessory: Push Press


Conditioning: 12m AMRAP
5 Wall Climbs
10 Wall Ball
15 Push-ups
20 Burpees

The Program: Off

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