TMI Moment on the Deadlift : Words from Jack



There will be no Core Conditioning Class tomorrow (Monday). Gym must close at 8:45 so post class work must be quick. Our apologies but it is an otherwise unavoidable scheduling conflict. Morning schedule will be : 530, 630, 730, 12. Thank you!!


The deadlift is a movement that might be the best example possible proving my belief about the importance of the setup. I say it all the time, that a good setup gets you over 50% of the way to a well executed movement. Even if your technique isn’t great you can save a lot with a good setup. On the other side of the spectrum, you can be a great mover with a grew understanding of the movement itself but if you setup poorly your execution will be flawed. As a coach the first thing I look at is setup no matter what level of athlete I am working with as a lot of issues from start to finish can be fixed just from working hard on someone’s setup.

The deadlift is fairly simple from a technique standpoint, especially compared to the clean, snatch, jerk, etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy but it allows for more thought and focus on all parts of technique. Jack, the J-man, loves deadlifting (in case you didn’t know). Here are a couple tips and ideas he has and uses both when he coaches and he is lifting that I think will be helpful when getting ready to max out today. Yup, you heard it correctly, the next 10 days are testing time/Max Week! Get in here and get it done!


From Jack on the Deadlift : When you set up, I believe in setting up at the top, this will allow for a tighter bracing technique of the lower back and T-Spine (Thoracic Spine). Try this, approach a bar, get as close as you can to it, try to spread the floor apart with your feet, squeeze your butt and your abs, then reach with your arms/shoulders, flexing your chest and lats as hard as you can (Think about how body builders flex their lats in a physique show). Flexing these two muscle groups will aid in bracing your thoracic spine, making it safe to pull. Hinge at your hips and reach down and place hands directly under your shoulders on your bar, and then fall back into your heels, and pull. The act of falling into your heels will do two things. One, it’ll place your shoulders directly over the bar, and two, it’ll pull the tension out of your bar, which is crucial for a successful lift at near maximal weight.


MONDAY : No Core Conditioning

Strength: Deadlift
Find a 1 rep max

– As always when the focus is to find a 1 rep max, how you get there is totally up to you. I always recommend some sets around 50-60% 1 rep max of 3-5 reps moving as fast as possible. This preps the nervous system for moving tons of heavy weight.

WOD: For Time
Hang Clean and Jerk 115/80
– Run 400m after each round

L1: 95/65
Rx+ : 135/95


The Program

1. Deadlift

2. WOD @ 135/95

3. Tall Snatch : 5×2, stay light and technical

4. 5 Rounds
Sled Push 30m @ BW, AFAP
6 Box Jumps 30/24
30 second back rack isolation hold @ 110% current 1 rep max back squat
– rest until you are fully able to perform the next round AFAP (nearly running pace on sled)


Important For Today : Competitive Speed Hang Clean



Tall Snatch 


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