Toy Collection 2017

Toy Collection 2017


1) Winter Apparel : Coming, I swear
– A few design flaws and vendor traveling holding up final, but it’s very much like what is here. Changes might be color but that is it. We will always confirm with you before charging so if you want Sweatshirts/Sweatpants/Joggers I strongly suggest getting your order in before the deadline passes this Friday.

2) Challenge Winners : Any day now
– We have a tight race in the top 10 of daily points so I am calling in individual fitness and body comp data to get exact results. Stay tuned for who gets rewarded for this amazing period of hard work!

3) TRIIB Knows All: Reminder and Announcement
TRIIB is and always has been our only POS system meaning it’s the only place that your billing happens. Never has or will be WODify, so anytime you get a notification about billing info you only need to deal with TRIIB.

Additionally, TRIIB is where you can find everything and this is even more true come December 1! It’s where your membership and billing info functions, where you can find up to date schedule information for all locations and classes which is especially important for holiday changes or weather closings. Now it will also be where your Performance Tracking will happen. We are almost done with moving all your data from WODify to TRIIB and will continue forward with TRIIB as our 1 stop shop for everything from Membership Info to Performance Tracking.

Their system is great and has a lot of great functionality. This shift has more to do with making your lives less complicated by decreasing the amount of information you need to deal with  than it has to do with anything WODify lacked. WODify was and is a great system and company and we were genuinely happy with their service the past 4+ years. Things change, communities grow, and changes have to be made for the greater good. Simply all that happened here. Stay tuned as always for information about TRIIB Performance Tracking, but for the most part it’s set and almost ready.

(Key being ALMOST. Do not start using TRIIB until told to do so/December 1 I hope. Thank you!).

Lando’s Head Vomitting

I feel like every blog the last 10 days has had some cliche “I can’t believe it’s that time again”. Well that’s because time moves so fast I really can’t believe it’s that time again.

That time I speak about now is (next cliche in line) one of the best specific events during the best, or rather my favorite, time of the year. And yes I know I am very unique with that last statement of it being my favorite. I saw it first!

For the 5th year running we will be collecting toys for Toys for Tots, and for the 2nd year in a row through the Teamsters Local 25 right in Charlestown. Why this is my favorite thing you all help us do is it’s a daily reminder how just good the world can be. I know it’s “in” these days to talk about how awful the world we live in is, specifically how bad the year is (remember the “shame on 2016” posts? Yeah those are almost a full year old). Well it’s true, the world CAN suck AT TIMES, but it doesn’t mean ALL the world ALWAYS sucks. It’s just what we chose to inform us.

I’m not going to go too far down the personal opinion slide here, but this is a bit of a PSA. Think for a moment about where you get your information? Factual info or personal opinions? Ever count how often you start your day, or a new part of it, bitter or negative because of something you just read on a screen (from a paper? HA!) or heard from a person? Do it. This week.

We all have people on social media that always spew their opinions on how bad shit is. You know what is great about the social medias? You can control what informs you. Cut the negativity, either people or forums, and start seeing the positive things.

Obviously we can’t avoid the Vegas Massacres of the world, or the shit that happened at the Marathon a few years back, and I truly believe that kind of thing serves a purpose after the fact in remembering what happened so it never does again. But even in great tragedy we can shape how we see them and most importantly, what we do about the making sure about the future in relation to them.

Want more cliches? Be the Change. That shit is about as good as it gets for motivational one liners out there. We can all bitch and moan about shit to bitch and moan about, but it literally does nothing but make people want to block us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Let’s all try, maybe even next time we want to complain or criticize, to provide some sort of tangible difference where we think such a thing is needed.

Children of all ages not having presents to unwrap during this season, on Christmas in my past life but whatever it is for you, is a problem. It might not seem like anything in comparison these days on the surface, but I don’t need to be a psychologist to tell you that happy children have a better chance to grow into something positive than unhappy ones do.

Toy Drive starts Wednesday, November 29th. Bring unwrapped toys of any kind to our Woburn or Charlestown location and make me do some sort of awful workout because of it. Drive ends December 15th.




Strength : Front Squat
3-3-3 for max in 10 minutes
1-1-1-1 with 3s pause for max in 10 minutes

7 Hang Squat Clean 115/75
7 Strict Press
14 Toes to Bar

S: 75/55, Push allowed for OH, Situps
L1 : 95/65, Push allowed, Scaled TTB (on bars)

Rx+; Break of any movement set = 2 Bar Facing Burpees (barbell movements) or 2 Burpee to Bar Touch (TTB)



1. Core Wod : 2 x through, each station 1 minute
a. Burpee + Plate GTOH (don’t have to burpee onto plate)
b. Push-Ups hands on plate (fingers wrapped on outside)
c. V-Ups
d. Russian Twists (plate)
e. Seated V with Plate Chest Press

Rest 8 minutes including setup for WOD

2. Conditioning
Part 1: 7 Minutes AMRAP
7 Goblet Squat with Plate 35/25
7 Plate OH Press (chest to OH), Any OH
7 Weighted Situps (plate OH to past feet)
7 Plate Getups

rest 3 Minutes

5 Minute AMRAP
6x10m Shuffle Sprint
1x10m Walking Lunge
1x10m Broad Jump
2x10m Bear Crawl
1x10m Plank Walk (straight arm)….focus coaching on keep athletes in plank


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch Work : 15 minutes start to finish
– 4×2 Hang Squat Snatch, start at waist and pause at above knee for 1s
– 5×1 Power Snatch done E75S

3. Competition Simulation

This is the beginning of weekly to bi-weekly comp prep done on your own as in not in a set comp. group. This will always be in Friday programming then eventually group on Saturday, and occasionally on Monday. Mondays suck for everyone, but they are still just one of 7 days to get better as an athlete and competitor. Get the bellyaches done with and wake up Monday ready to set a new standard for yourself and those around you. This is the real deal. This is get us to Regionals stuff. This is Games athlete stuff. Be part of it or don’t, but we will have a damn good time and put on a show. Info on Comp Team will come throughout the week. Tune in.

If it just gets “too hard” you work til the cap then move on. Competition training is about learning to fail, experience being embarrassed by not performing to what you think you can, how to just suck it up in situations you can’t just quit or change the movements to your ability.

The reasoning for this is 2 fold. First it’s because we are motivated by embarrassment more than anything else in our existence. Anyone who claims they aren’t, or never have, either being because they don’t need that to motivate them is lying. Once we are embarrassed by our performance we will do anything to not experience that again. No amount of congratulations or pats on the back will get us that.

Secondly, this sport is all about performing what we trained. If we always stop at 300# we will never know if we can do 305#. Amazing things happen when we just go for that “one last rep”. The worst is we feel how close it really is, the best is we surprise ourselves and want more of that feeling. Either way we get something good out of it.

Part 1: Done for time, cap @ 15 minutes. Scale only if you cannot perform 1 rep fresh, multiple failures in a row occur on MU/HSPU before rep 5.

20 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Burpee to Stand
20 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Ring Muscle Ups
10 Burpee to Stand
10 Box Jumps 24/20
5 Pistols (each leg)
5 Hang Power Clean 225/155

– athlete rest 4 minutes exactly from finish then clock starts for

Work to find a 1 rep max Behind Neck Jerk, 3 attempts max in 6 minutes.

– Can drop rep when finished but must get to rack on your own. Athlete CANNOT perform warmup reps during 4 minute rest but can during lead up to start of Part 1.

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