Toys Update

Toys Update

One of our awesome Landos who helps with the Toys for Tots program every year said they are always lacking in pre-teen to teen age toys. I know I certainly fall into the trap of thinking “toys” and not for all ages. Things like school supplies, make-up, trendy clothes, you know all the sh*t the kids are into these days like the ebays, emails, and the ipads…OK no ipads but you know what I mean. Anything is wonderful, just helping us help the world out!




Strength: Front Squat
EMOM 12m : 3 Reps
– must take from floor, can squat clean

WOD: For Time
6 Wall Climbs
30 KB Push Press, 15/15 single arm each side, 53/35
30 Wall Ball
15 Broad Jumps 6/4’
1000m Row
15 Broad Jumps
30 Wall Ball
30 KB Thruster 15/15
6 Wall Climbs

S : 35/26, Row 600m, Jumping Squats for Broad Jump
L1: Row 800m

Rx+: Thruster for KB Push Press, 70/53, 10 HSPU for Wall Climb, 5″ deficit



Core : 50-100 Barbell Roll Outs, 7:00 time cap
– E45s perform 3-5 Bar Facing Burpees, pick an amount of reps for each that can be maintained and done in 7:00

@ 10:00 perform 1 800m run AFAP

Conditioning : For Time
10 Wall Climbs
30 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 53/35
30 Wall Ball
15 Broad Jumps 4′
Row 1000m
15 Jumping Squats
30 Wall Ball
30 KB Swings
30 Push-Ups, hand release
Row 500m

The Program

If doing work on your own perform in this order:

  1. EMOM 12m : 3 Front Squat, taken from floor (can squat clean)

rest 3 minutes then right into:

  1. EMOM 10m : 3 High Bar Back Squat
  2. Class WOD
  3. 10m AMRAP
    1 Legless Rope Climb



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