Tuesday 1.7: Hurt? Injured? Busy? Winter Blues? Quitting is NOT the Answer!

Tuesday 1.7: Hurt? Injured? Busy? Winter Blues? Quitting is NOT the Answer!

No this isn’t an intentional terrible flashback to your days sacrificing your body for your antichrist football coach, the one who while you were only age 15 challenged you at levels of maturity, intelligence, and general knowledge about football. No this isn’t some trying to be cozy uplifting write up about how to beat the post holiday, winter blues by killing yourself in the gym.

No this write up is about honesty, about how yeah we might get hurt, here or at the rec leave volleyball game, we might be tired, we might be sore. We might be a lot of things, but the thing that is worse than whatever you might be going through at the time is fat, lazy, and fatter. Because trust me if you give in to the desire to hang up the Lando spikes because of something that is a 1 week rest, or a busy 2-3 weeks at work, you won’t make it back. Shit happens trust me.

However shit shouldn’t derail your life. I have written about my views on this especially when it comes to seeing a doctor for injury (doctor’s just say rest for xx time, which we can have you do as well just while keeping the rest of you fit). Please understand I am not questioning doctors who are way, way smarter and more educated than me. What I am questioning, however, is how many general practitioners see a hamstring pull from running after a deadlift, or hip misalignment from years of baseball irritated by heavy squats.

Here’s a real life example. Years ago when Stacey and I opened Woburn I was experiencing SEVERE back/hip pain. I went and saw a doctor and, bless him, when he was trying to empathize with me he told me about how he messed his calf up so badly when he “really loaded up that calf raise machine”. Needless to say I left and never went back. I ended up getting help from a chiropractor (those quack doctor’s, right?) who kept me lifting and staying fit but with some changes here and there and persistent care from him. I came by stronger than before, and never lost a step, other than the ones with shooting pain down my leg and into my back.

The latter is the point. 90% of the injuries we see here, whether from here or from the outside world, are manageable while maintaining your fitness. Understand that is the goal. Yes I don’t want you to quit coming to my business. But most importantly is you need to stay fit even if you tweak your back, strain a knee, pull your tricep/shoulder. Quitting coming to the gym altogether is the worst thing you can do. That goes for injury or life issues.

The life issues and stress, busy work schedule, etc, is what really gets me. Think about why you started here in the first place. Really, think about it. Most of you it was to get out of doldrums, out of a rut, away from a routine you hated and didn’t work, to fix the pain in your back, head, life.

Why does this work? Other than the amazing programming and coaches? It works for you because of the routine. Think you will just take a month off then come back? Not a chance. Forget the rest of the world statistics, I keep those for us here at Lando. 92% of people since 2013 (when we opened Woburn) who have left for a minor injury for “just a few weeks” have never set foot in our doors again. And most of you know we follow you on social media and of those 92% about 0% of them maintained their fitness. Trust me.

That shouldn’t surprise you. Think of your own life. What makes this work? Again, the routine! What will ruin that routine? Quitting the routine!

I promise you, you will not just let it heal, or let life calm down or travel less for work, then come back. Those things have been the way you say they are now the whole time, they are just getting to you now. This is when you need to just keep coming. Put one foot in front of the other and keep coming. If not nothing good will happen.

You will get comfortable doing whatever else you end up doing. Yeah spin class is fun the first time. Pilates is made fun of now because of what it is. Running sucks and literally kills you while you do it. You will not keep doing it.

You will get bored.

You will get lazy.

You will get fat. You will get tired, every day. The headaches will come back, the back aches will come back, but then when you try and come back to Lando the thing you loved so much will suddenly be WAY harder than when you left. So suddenly the thing you loved won’t be fun anymore. And suddenly this is gone.

I am talking about this from a level of experience none of you understand. From the owner perspective of watching you all, and from the participant perspective of someone who did exactly what I am telling you all not to do. For different reasons but I let it all go, took time away, and I have never gotten it back the way I have wanted. I have tried every day, but I am still not there. So trust me when I say when you write us the “I need a few weeks off but I will be back” email I don’t believe you. Not because of you. Because of how it works, how life is.

The best part about the injury thing is we have a resident coach and PT who can help. Coach Lauren is a wonderful part of our staff and has her friggin DOCTORATE IN PHYSICAL THERAPY. Yes, she is a doctor in making things that you can hurt here at CrossFit Lando not hurt anymore. If you are injured see her before you see anyone else, and please by all things holy do not send the “I need some time off” email to Stacey.


Strength: Split Jerk (taken from floor)

  • Power or squat clean, full or hang

WOD: In 12 Minutes perform the following for max reps (OHS, Box Jump, HSPU)
40 Overhead Squat 135/95
40 Box Jumps 24/20
– EMOM perform 1 Wall Climb

THEN perform AMRAP Handstand Push-ups when done with OHS and Box Jumps

S: 75/55 Front Squat, Step Ups, Push-ups for HSPU
L1: 115/75, Scaled HSPU
Rx+: 155/105

Lift: Split Jerk
3-3-3-2-2-2, same as CF

Lift 2: Bench Press
2-2-2-2-2….5 DB Bent Over Row each arm after each set

WOD: Same as CF 

The Program

  1. Strength and WOD
  2. 20 Bar MU + 100 GHD Hip Ext. + 20 Bar MU + 100 hollow rocks
  3. Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

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