Tuesday 10.16 : Putting the Work in Working Sets

Tuesday 10.16 : Putting the Work in Working Sets

Some notes on Strength Work.

Regardless of your goals and intent for your trips to CrossFit Lando, I can nearly guarantee bet that they revolve around some type of getting more fit. Competitive athlete or “Regular” person just looking to get fit and prolong life, strength time is an important time in every session you workout in.

Pushing yourself to a maximum for the strength portion builds muscle and power. Muscle is sexy, useful, and the most fit thing your body can have. Muscle burns calories and fat, and is a product of intense exercise. It is good for your body to carry muscle. Not good for your body to carry fat. The muscle we build in our fitness is like our base for everything else. It literally helps carry us through life and helps when working other areas of fitness like cardiovascular endurance. So basically, the strength sessions in class are an integral part of your fitness quest because it is when you can build this ground floor, foundational pillar of fitness we need in everything we do.

80% is the magic working number. This is where you start your working sets. To get the most out of our strength work we need to do the most work possible in, or rather above, this 80% work zone. This is the point where the weight is heavy enough that it elicits a reaction from your body that builds strength in the areas being worked. So when a strength is written as “5×3” or “3-3-3-3-3” that means that all those written sets of 3 should be at 80% or higher. If it’s a complex like today (Tuesday), go with the hardest lift that would be the lightest of the two maxes.

So in the end, when doing your strength work, your warmups might be big increases, but your working sets might only have 40# or so to work with depending on the lift. Be conscious of what the day is asking for and how to get the most out of it!




Strength : Push Press + Push Jerk
5 x 2 +4

WOD : 2 Rounds

Run 800m
30 Pull-ups
10 STOH 135/95

S: 400m, Jumping Pull-ups, 75/55
L1: 600m, Banded PU or Rx @ 20 Reps, 115/75

Rx+: 195/140


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