Tuesday 12.3 : Endurance/Mobility Seminar Sunday the 8th

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a seminar on Sunday lead by one of our newest additions to the team, Jennifer Murray!

Jenn is a former gym owner herself and is a fitness professional through and through. She knows her stuff but really specializes in endurance training and has a great grasp of doing it with CrossFit/CrossFitters in mind. She has done more marathons than you can count, triathlons, and CrossFit for years.

This is a can’t miss opportunity to get a great workout and learn about endurance training and mobility. Jennifer will go over running form, put everyone through an endurance workout, and mobility training to cap it all off. The date is Sunday and the time will be during Open Gym from 10-11:30ish.

Hopefully see you all there!


Strength: Split Jerk

5 Hang Power Clean 95/65
10 Front Rack Lunges (5/5)
15 Pull-ups

S: 75/55, Lunges w/out Bar, Jumping Pull-ups
L1: 75/55, Banded Pull-ups
Rx+: 115/75, 5 Bar MU for Pull-ups

Lift: Split Jerk

Accessory: Push Press

Conditioning: 12m AMRAP
5 Hang Power Clean 95/65
10 Front Rack Lunges (5/5)
15 Pull-ups

The Program
1. Strength and WOD

2. 15m AMRAP
Row 350m
5 Squat Clean 185/125
10 Push-ups

3. 3 Rounds
1:00 Farmer’s Hold 70/53 KB
10 KB Press/Push-Press

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