Tuesday : Winter Swag Order

2017 Sweatshirts and Sweatpants are ready for ordering!
Mock ups are here. Design is same, a few updates on color, and different brand of sweats for both types to not have the same sizing debacle as last year. Even if you got things last year, always good to update your gear for the cold ahead!
Order forms will be at the desk. Must be done in person written on the form. No email orders taken. We want to order by 1 week from now to get them by 2nd week of December. You are billed when we make the order.
UPDATE : We are doing different colors for the sweatshirt instead of black. We will be updating the pictures here once we get them from the designers but wanted to get you an idea of the setup and style.
Strength: Push Press
– Use the 3s as warmup sets and work to the 1 at least 85% max, then go to 2s at 80% to start and increase as able to max.
WOD : 24-18-12
Back Squat (from floor) 155/105
KB Swing 53/35
– after last round immediately perform 30 Burpees (lateral over bar) AFAP.
Rx+:  is 12-9-6 of Bar Muscle Ups in place of Pull-Ups. You should be able to do at least 50% in 1 set. Do not do this unless you can do Bar MU to this ability.
Lift : Hang Power Clean
– Tall Clean drill for warmup, then E 90s for 8 sets, 2 Hang Clean
Accessory : Hang Clean Pull, E30s for 12 sets, 1 heavy rep (drop after each one with control)
Conditioning : Row Intervals
Row 500m, rest 1:1, 4x
The Program
1. Strength and WOD with Bar MU
2. Hang Clean
E 90s for 8 sets, 2 heavy reps
then rest 2m for transition and prep for 10 sets E30s of 1 heavy hang clean pull
3. Front Squat
3313 temp, 8×2
then with 80% that max weight, do EMOM 8m, 1 front squat + 1 jerk
4. Work Capacity
Row (calories)
Burpee to 24″ target
STOH 205/155
GHD Situp
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