Tuesday 3.24 : The Day The Music Died…Ok That’s Dramatic…

Tuesday 3.24 : The Day The Music Died…Ok That’s Dramatic…

Landos…so despite our best efforts the Coronavirus bullshit did us in. As of 12pm tomorrow we are done for a few weeks, but ONLY in physically in the space at 545 Medford Street. Like Superman rising from the ashes, the Phoenix defeating foes without killing them, like Ironman when he gets his injection of super juice, we will fight on and will be stronger than ever.

How you ask? Let me explain…

While the obviously ideal situation is we don’t have this epidemic ripping through the world forcing us to live like we actually like our significant others/family, we aren’t in that ideal situation. We are making the best of what we got, and let me tell you it is pretty darn good.

Tomorrow we have regular AM classes, then the 12pm class is being moved to 11am, and that will be the end of the road for 2 weeks. However that is by far not even close to the end of the road with what you can do with your fitness and CrossFit Lando Charlestown.

  1. Starting tomorrow evening we will be doing virtual classes via Zoom. Get signed up with Zoom in the very few steps and we will give you more info how to get with our specific “meetings” tomorrow.
  2. The #LandoFit2020 is going full steam ahead. If you aren’t signed up you have no reason not to be. It’s free and you could possibly get a free membership out of it. You will be working out through this break so might as well be part of the ever growing community within the community.
  3. If you want some equipment we are renting it out, for free, up until 12pm tomorrow (Tuesday). You can have (1) Kettlebell or Dumbbell to help you with the workouts I post starting on Wednesday. Like Monday and Tuesday, however, there will be with and without equipment versions, so if you don’t and won’t get any gear, do not worry, you will still be able to workout with the programming I post every day.

As of right now we have to be closed up through April 6th. Who knows if it goes until then or longer. What I do know is we are going to have an awesome time with what we have. You will have workouts to do just like every day here. You will have fun and engaging classes to join via Zoom, just done in the comfort of your own home than in CF Lando. You have a community challenge to push you through the dark days with the #LandoFit2020. Stacey and I will be posting content every single day, whether it be instructional videos, long form workshop type things, or just funny takes on the world of fitness. You can bet on more than a few Getting Woked episodes as well, the next one airing tomorrow!

Thank you for supporting us as we support all of you. This is truly a situation where we need it as much as you need it from us. I will be honest that this is not exactly easy on small businesses, you know the whole closing thing. Tends to hurt growth and, ya know, revenue. But I promise you, I guarantee you, we will endure and we will continue being the same great place you all have gotten used to, as long as you all continue to support us as you always have.

I will promise you one more thing, that you will have every reason you need to justify supporting us through this time.

Thank you, and see you all soon!

CrossFit – at Lando

WOD: 20 Rounds
5 Wall Ball 20/14
5 Box Jumps 24/20
1 Squat Clean 155/105

S: Step Ups, 75/55
L1: 135/95
Rx+: 185/135

Home: No Equipment

WOD: 20 Rounds
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Jumping Lunges (5/5)
5 V-Ups

Home: Borrowed Equipment (assuming KB or DB)

WOD: 20 Rounds
5 KB Swing/8 DB Swing
5 KB Sumo DL HP/3 DB Snatch (each side)
5 Goblet Squat