Tuesday 3.27 : New Skill Sessions Weekly

Tuesday 3.27 : New Skill Sessions Weekly

Donate to Jean-Baptiste here. Why? I am working on getting him up here to train during his rainy season since, well, it’s cool to have something like this happen at our gym. A renowned Cameroonian weightlifter, olympic hopeful, African historical record holder in the snatch, who we help train through our charity comes and trains at our gym for us to see in person. THAT’S WHY!!!



Do you have pull-ups Rx? Do you have Chest to Bar Rx? Are you close? Want to work on muscle ups but don’t know how?Come to Tuesday’s class. Your coaches will take you through progressions for muscle ups, and for those who still scale pull-ups will learn to work ring dips and how to strengthen your pull-ups. This is a CANT MISS CLASS.



Skill : Muscle ups and Ring Dips.
– Your coaches will go over some drills for muscle ups with rings and bands. Then you have options to work on them in this class.

  • EMOM 12m, pick one and stick with it
    • 3-5 Ring Dips, hardest able (banded/unbanded, hold bottom for 3 seconds)
    • Muscle Ups Band Drill (must have Rx CTB pull-ups
    • Muscle Ups (pick a rep range and try to stick with it +/-1)

WOD : Muscle Up “Cal-Su”

100 Thruster 135/95
– E75s perform 1 Muscle Up (7 Push-Ups)



Lift : Squat Clean

Accessory: Power Clean and Lunges
4 Power Clean
3 Front Squat
2 FR Lunge (each leg)

  • Pick weight accordingly


The Program

  • This week is recovery week. Whether you are moving on or not, you need to give your body a week to recover. This does not mean dont show up, this just means show up with focus on just the class WOD and that is it.


  1. Skill and WOD, focus on just lighter weight and getting done under time cap. No Extra Work!!!!
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