Tuesday 3.6

Tuesday 3.6

A lot of GREATNESS in the competitive side of Lando.

As was well documented this weekend, Jack came home with the hardware from the Arnold Sports Festival Strongman competition. He will have a more in depth write up with his Saturday blog post for his Sunday class. Be sure to get into any of Jack’s classes this week to congratulate him!

I want to say a personal note as the owner of this business, these gym locations. Jack has worked for me since almost day 1. Stacey will always have the honor (as long as she keeps me) of being the longest tenured employee of mine, but Jack is a close second. I have seen this “kid” grow literally from a kid to I guess we would call him a man now but that seems weird. I feel like a parent I guess. I have seen him go through high school, graduate and move onto college, graduate there (literally was at the graduation last year with Stacey and family). I have seen him go from a kid who knew jack shit about coaching to who he is today, a pretty damn good coach.

You, the members, are what makes our community. You are the focus of 95% of what I/we do here. But as is seen with Stacey and our Operation Lando Competition Team with the Open, there is sometimes more focus on a smaller population, and sometimes this includes staff. It is a delicate balance, and this is a time, right now and for a few weeks, where some of our coaches deserve the spotlight.

Right now, that is for Jack.

As well as being a damn good coach, Jack is a damn good athlete. He was a young stud on our 2015 Regionals team, and in the past year fell in love with Strongman training, but was actually into it much earlier than most of you know. He was certified years ago and started the classes and equipment making along with it. This past year was just a more spotlighted focus on it, which I will take a small piece of credit for but only because it highlights just how amazing what he did was…that really the focus didn’t FULLY start until July last year when Stacey and I literally signed him up for the competition he eventually won to qualify for Nationals which lead to the Arnold. Thinking back on it I believe this was one barrier Jack needed help getting through, really taking the plunge with a kind of “ok” from Stacey and I that he could and should do this.

That is where my credit taking stops, however, as he took this himself and ran with it. Boy did he run with it. As mentioned above, he qualified for Nationals which was in Vegas, dominated there (don’t remember his actual placing but doesnt matter, he won next time), and WON THE ARNOLD, which is one of if not the biggest competitions in Strongman.

I will let Jack explain what all of this really was and means what will probably be a few blog posts in the next week. I just wanted to do a little story telling from my perspective as I watched this kid become a man in a real sense over the past year. Many have asked me how I feel about Jack moving more into Strongman given we aren’t really a Strongman gym, and my feeling is I am proud of him and that is it. His success only means he can share it with our community, both his spotlight and his knowledge he gains. I hope he wants to do this for a very long time. He has a great deal of knowledge both from his training and now his competing in Strongman that he is going to spread to all of us, all of you in the year to come (and hopefully beyond). I am proud of him specifically because he did this on his own.

He went out on his own and OWNED it, it being the Strongman world. I am lucky, we are lucky to have him with us as he continues to grow, and I only hope to have him for years to come with more staff who want to grow just like him; individually with their own passions that they want to bring back to CrossFit Lando and grow here, that they are able to share with me, Stacey, and you, the community.

Jack, congratulations on your unreal achievement. I am proud this time not as a coach but as an owner, friend, and spectator to your life. Great work my man, and thank you for being a great example for us all in this community.



Strength : Snatch
1 Halting Snatch DL + Pause Hang Snatch (power or squat)

Done E90S for 8 sets, Sets 1-3 warmup and 4-8 heavy

WOD : 4 Rounds
15 Wall Ball 20/14
30 Double Unders
5 Clean 165/115
10 Ring Dips

S: 60 Singles, 95/65, 5 Ring Dips for MU (scale with band)
L1: Scaled DU mix or singles, 135/95,  Scaled RD

Rx+: 5 Muscle Ups, 205/145



Lift : Snatch Complex

Accessory: Snatch DL @ 120% max Snatch

Conditioning : 10m AMRAP
Row 200m
5 Squat Snatch, 80% max


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 21m
1: 2 Sumo DL, 3s pause @ knee and 3s pause at top then 3s tempo down, TnG
2: ME Strict then ME Kipping HSPU
3: 5 Push Press, Heaviest Able



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