Tuesday 5.29

Tuesday 5.29

Saturday was one of those special days as owner of this business, one of the top of the top days. 4 years ago it was top 5 days. Then became top 10 days. I always told Stacey we would cap it at Top 25, and I think after 5+ years, and 2 active locations, we can fill that list with some solid events now. Maybe some day we will compile and publish a best of list of CrossFit Lando history. Or it’ll be the subject of Stacey and I for the podcast this week.

Thank you. I know it seems silly to thank you all for coming and breaking yourselves for up to an hour, but I genuinely thank you all. Great events become great for 2 reasons : Planning/execution mostly of the staff personnel involved (which mine are all awesome), and then the people partaking (all of you). You all came and did a workout with a ton of moving parts, need for sharing space, and generally working as a team, and you all did it perfectly with no complaints…other than the occasional “F off Lando” or “I hate you Lando” but I’m used to that anymore.

This was an awesome “Murph”, with 10+ people doing it wearing a weight vest and 60+ people in total throwing down for this Hero. Just incredible work and effort by all of you, and thank you for taking part in our organized chaos as usual.

Now it’s back to work!

(Special shout out to our special Courtney Schupp who crushed a marathon over the weekend in her goal of sub 4:00…3:54 to be exact. Great job Courtney!)














Strength : Push Jerk


WOD : 4 Rounds, running clock similar to Fight Gone Bad, but 15s rest/transition between element efforts.
1: Barbell Complex*, then ME front squat
– rest 15s
2: Complete 10 HSPU, then ME Lateral Burpees Over Bar
– rest 15s
3: Complete 30 DUs, then ME KB Swing (full OH)

– Rest 1 full minute after Element 3

  • Score is FS, Burpees, and KB Swing combined through all 4 rounds

*Bar Complex: 2 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk

S: 75/55, Push-ups (scaled or Rx)
L1: 95/65, Ring Dips (scaled or Rx)
Rx: 135/95

Rx+: 165/115, Bar Facing Burpees



Lift : Push Jerk

Accessory Lift: Press and Strict Pull-ups
EMOM 12m
O: 3 Press (from floor)
E: 3-5 Strict pull-ups

Conditioning : 2 Rounds of “Fight Gone Bad”


The Program

1. Strength and WOD, go heavy

2. Close Grip OHS
3-3-3-3-3, pause for 3s in bottom of 1st rep

3. Snatch
EMOM 8m : 3 Quality reps

4. Assault Bike Conditioning
12 minutes, 30s sprint + 1m active rest

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