Tuesday 5.8 : Barbell Club Baseline and Tiers

Tuesday 5.8 : Barbell Club Baseline and Tiers

Murph Day 2018: Come do “Murph” in Charlestown and have a BBQ with games and adult beverages after. Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. More details to come. Plan on it! There will be chances to make your own T Shirt and we have new special shirts being made for Spring/Summer released later this week.


As I have teased multiple times in the past week we have a new thing going on here at CrossFit Land called the Lando Barbell Club. What we are building is nothing like any other gym has in the city of Boston in terms of the level of coaching you will get, the access you get to your coaches for your specific needs within the community flow, and perks like private video analysis, private supplemental programming or full replacement programming, and more things to come.

You don’t need to be a competitor or only interested in these sports to get access. Just $20 a month will get you started out with a lot more than you have without it. There will be multiple tiers that for varied small fees gives you things like access to private supplemental programming, weekly coaching videos, a 1 on 1 assessment with Coach Bud, or Lando, or Stacey if Bud is unavailable. Think of this all like an a la carte menu of weightlifting and powerlifting.

There will also be the opportunity to have monthly access to Coach Bud and other coaches for personal video analysis, personal programming in supplement to the daily Lando programming or even complete, 100% individualized programming for weightlifting or powerlifting.


BASELINE : Where it all starts

  • Get started with a 1 on 1 session by emailing [email protected] subject “barbell club assessment”

This is where the Barbell Club starts. For a small additional monthly fee you get access to a private Facebook Group that will become the Weightlifting and Powerlifting community of CrossFit Lando. Beginner to Competitor and everyone in between, you will have access to daily supplemental programming. This will be done just like The Program, and sometimes run in conjunction with it, meaning you take a class then have 15-20 minutes of extra work to do programmed specifically for barbell work. There will also be weekly coaching videos that will be produced and distributed by Lando Productions that will be aimed at a theme of the week or specific coaching cue Bud and the other coaches think is important.

You being with a 1 on 1, 45-60 minute assessment with Bud or another available coach (if Bud isn’t available) so reach out at [email protected] to get more information and schedule an appointment ASAP. This 1 on 1 will be done to assess your specific needs and make sure you have your questions answered before getting started and into the private Facebook Group.



Additional tiers beyond Baseline will be detailed later this week.

  • Personal video analysis (up to 5 per month) using an app with animation and voiceover. Like a 1 on 1 session you can revisit unlimited times for your needs!
  • Personal programming in place of the supplemental programming.
  • Complete programming and lifestyle consulting.

The Barbell Club is your full service place for weightlifting and powerlifting. This is an entire team, gym, hell an entire association of coaching, access, programming, and information that will be in some cases free and other cases small monthly fees. An entire page will be done soon that details all of this more including all the other tiers and pricing.

Bottom line, email [email protected] with the subject “barbell club assessment” to get started with whatever you think you want for the barbell club.




Strength : Push Press

WOD : 5 Rounds
6 STOH 135/95
Run 400m

S: 300m, 75/55
L1: 115/75

Rx+: 185/135



Lift: Push Jerk

Accessory: Press and Strict pull-ups

Conditioning: 5 Rounds
6 Clean and Jerk 135/95
Run 400m


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. E2m for 20m (10 sets)

1 Hang Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 1 OHS

  • Focus throughout and get it done at heaviest able.
New to the community?

Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Lando!  The first step is to set up a no obligation, complimentary intro session where we take you through the essential movements used in CrossFit, BootCamp, or Weightlifting. We also answer any questions you may have about the program and put you through a short, intense WOD (workout of the day) to give you a feel for what we do.

Please sign up below and a coach from our staff will reach out to you with information.

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