There Will Be Snatching




As always, Open re-testing or testing the first time can be done tomorrow during class times or extended Open Gym (Woburn). Open Gym starts at 3pm tomorrow (Woburn only) and the restricted class times are 7am (CP), 530pm (W) and 630 pm (CP). Otherwise all class times are good as long as you check in with me tonight or before that class tomorrow. Good luck!





BootCamp Sprint (check schedule for times at each location)


WARMUP : 20 Strict Pull-ups, scale as needed, at 5 second tempo up and down up, then 20 push-ups at 5 second tempo down with EXPLODE up, scale as needed. Cap at 5 minutes.


1. Every 20s for 3 minutes : 4 Burpees (scale accordingly by reps or to jumping squats)


go immediately into #2


2. Max Effort Forearm Plank hold, max 3:00. Once knees hit floor roll over and perform sit-ups until TIME.


rest as needed/directed


3. CORE WORK : 2 Rounds
a: 30 (each side) standing oblique crunches, single KB in reaching hand, opposite hand behind head. Keep chest tall.
b: 40 Russian Swings 53/35, try for unbroken
c: 30 Kipping Knees to Chest/Waist
d: 40 Supermans
e: accumulate max L Sit or scale from top of ring dip hold through 2 minutes


rest 3-5 minutes


4. Conditioning : 
Row 1000m
50 KB Deadlift 70/53
100 Double Unders or 200 Singles





Strength: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch (5 second pause in bottom)
-Every90s for 7 sets


2 Wall Climbs
4 Front Squat 135/95
8 KB Swings 53/35


S: scaled WC, 75/55, 35/26
L1: 115/75


Rx+: 185/135, 70/53

The Program


-If you are doing the Open again and are a regular participant in Comp Class, some others will be throwing down from 3-430 during an extended Open Gym. If you want in please email me ahead of time, or text if u have my number!


– If you are not doing the Open…HERE YOU GO!!


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Row for 20 minutes with a running clock done @ the following pace throughout:
– 1 minute @ 70-80% building pace
– 1 minute @ 90%
– 1 minute SPRINT
Rest 1 minute
– 250m @ 80%
– 250m @ 90%
– 250m @ 80%
– 250m SPRINT
rest 2 minutes
– 3 minutes done :20 on, :10 off
rest 2 minutes 
– :30 on, :30 off :  sprinting, total rest for remainder of 20 minutes

– Score total meters for last part (:30 on :30 off) for your score. 


3. Barbell Good Morning

– Make all reps heavy and deep. 

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