Wednesday 1.16 : Girls Head to Florida!

Wednesday 1.16 : Girls Head to Florida!

These 3 ladies are heading down to Miami on Thursday morning. Check in for a great update blog tomorrow for more info about the competition and all the ways you can follow along!




Strength : Front Squat

WOD : 5 Rounds, 25:00 time cap
Row 500m
2 Wall Climbs
12 CTB Pull-ups
2 Wall Climbs

S: 4 Rounds, 400m, Jumping Pull-ups
L1: 5 Rounds, 400m, Scaled CTB

Rx+: 7 Bar MU



Core: 4 Rounds, 12 min time cap

7 Plate Getups
7 Bar Rollouts
7 Lunging Press (each side) with KB
:30 Seated KB Hold
20 KB Swing, eye high

Conditioning: 5 Rounds
Row 500m
2 Wall Climbs
12 Weighted Situps
2 Wall Climbs
12 Box jumps 24/20


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. For Time
Run 800m
Row 1000m
AB 40/32 Cal
50 Burpees
100 Double Unders
50 Pistols
20 Deadlift 315/225

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