Wednesday 5.29

Wednesday 5.29

If you could take a pill that would instantly make you 50% smarter, but everyone in the world who interacted with you from that time forward would deem you 25% dumber than you currently are. How this all affects your life is unknown but can be understood to be similar to a frustrating go of it, to say the least. It will most likely be all about the power of perception.

Is perception powerful enough that it can override what your actual contribution, or your ability to contribute is? Will anyone you deal with be so focused on your stupidity that you can’t even get to a point where you use your genius level smarts. Is perception really everything?

You don’t have these answers. All you have is you become practically infinitely smarter than you are this moment with the snap of your finger, but at the same time you become seen as the bumbling idiot.

What is your decision?

Strength: Power Clean + Squat Clean
EMOM 12m: 1 + 1 reps

WOD: For Time
30 Pull-ups
Row 600m
30 CTB Pull-ups
30 Squat Snatch 75/55 (every drop subtract 3 reps from total completed)

S: Jumping Pull-ups, Row 400m, Jumping CTB Pull-ups, Power Snatch
L1: Banded Pull-ups, Row 500m, Banded CTB, no penalty for dropping bar
Rx+: 95/65

Core: 3 Rounds
35 Situps
25 side plank hip raises, each side
20 Push-ups

After 3 Rounds perform 40 Cal Row/AB

Conditioning: For Time
30 Jumping Pull-ups
30 Broad Jump 4/3′
Row 600M
7 Wall Climbs
30 Jumping Pull-ups
60 Hollow Rocks

The Program
1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 16m
E: 5 Bench Press, hold top of rep for 5 seconds each rep including last, focus on turn around and speed of movements portion
O: 20 Eye High KB Swing, 70/53 at least

  • This is high volume for what it is and the time so stick with it. It should get to be hard, short rest, but stick with it
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