Fix That Back/Hip/Shoulder/Chest/Calf Pain

Fix That Back/Hip/Shoulder/Chest/Calf Pain

We know at this point that we are going to get some bumps and bruises doing this crazy shit great fitness program that we do. The truth is we push our bodies to the limit of intensity each and every day we train. This is a good thing. This is how we get more fit. Whatever age you are, whatever your ability, pushing your body to it’s limit through stress training is how you get more fit. Becoming more fit is both inside and outside, helping us look good and have a better chance at a healthier, longer life.

But about those bumps and bruises. It’s not right to say it’s “ok” for that to happen. You don’t have to just live through pain and hurt just to stay fit. Seems to be a bit of an odd dichotomy. Truth is a little self care is what you need each day to keep you feeling good while working to feel good. Rolling out, using the lacrosse balls or rolling sticks, all those things working on the muscle and joint tissues is what is going to help your muscles and joints recover better. Also using the mobility posters on the walls at both gyms can help you develop a plan yourself very easily.

Lastly having someone professionally work on your body might be the best money you can spend other than your membership to CrossFit Lando when it comes to self care. We have some fantastic connections to body workers at CrossFit Lando, and Coach Lauren will soon be available at specific times for dry needle therapy and other general body work. Myself, Stacey, and a few other members can attest to the wonders of dry needling. Personally I can say from experience I have gone from pain in every step while walking to completely fine after a session that focused on my calf and feet.

That is one of a few wonders Lauren has worked for me. She works on Stacey and others all the time. We are lucky to have her with more availability coming soon where you will be able to schedule her any of the times she is open for help getting your body right.

Just another awesome addition to the Lando community. Once we have details on Lauren’s ability to schedule sessions we will let you know how the process will work. Trust me you will want to have the full Coach Lauren experience on what ails you.




Strength : Front Squat
Every 2 Minutes for 8 Sets perform 3 heavy reps

WOD : For Time
30 Power Clean 115/75
30 Jerks

rest exactly 2:00

30 Squat Clean Thruster

S: 20 Reps, 75/55
L1: 95/65

Rx+: 135/95



Core Work : 12m AMRAP
15 Russian Twists (Each side) 20/14
15 Good Morning, MB at Chest
10 Strict Hanging Tuck
5 Plate Getup/Weighted Situp w Plate 45/25

Conditioning : 3 Rounds
Row 300m
15 KB Swings (full OH)
15 MB Thruster 20/14
Run 200m

The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 10 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
8/5 Cal AB Sprint

3. Push Jerk
EMOM 9m : 1 Heavy rep

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