Weightlifting Every Wednesday at 6:30




As we have a lot of people interested in the AWF National Championships, we will be having a Weightlifting class EVERY Wednesday at 6:30pm from now until June 20th. This will operate just like our every other week classes just more consistency. If you are doing the AWF meet you should try your best to make these classes every week. If you aren’t doing the meet you can still come (like usual) and we encourage you to make as many as possible.

Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean/Jerk) is a unique part of CrossFit in a sense that it is a sport in and of itself. It would be like asking a football player to also be an expert baseball pitcher. This is why we spend so much time on these elements when we have them in class as they take the most time and effort to get better at. Like many things in life, however, they are much more fun the better you get!




50 Pull-Ups
Run 400m
50 Front Squat 95/65
Run 400m
50 Power Snatch 95/65
Run 400m
50 Wall Ball 20/14

S : 30 Reps, 75/55
L1 : 40 Reps, 95/65

Rx+: 20 MUs for Pull-ups, 115/80


Weightlifting (630pm)

Skill : Banded Power Clean, Fixed foot position Clean
Performance : Power Clean
Strength : Clean Position Deadlift

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