Weightlifting Programming for Nationals




I want to give one more congratulations to this guy above, Mike Gray, for qualifying for and then completing the Master’s Qualifier this past weekend. Mike went at 4 grueling workouts a number of times and came out in a great spot. We will see where the chips fall but I am so unbelievably proud of him.

8 months ago when we met to set out his training the goal was to make the Qualifier. Suddenly in January it was more realistic that he give the Qualifier a run for it’s money and possibly make the Games. While that might be a long shot now it was an honor to coach Mike through this process, and an inspiration to see him beat up on dudes half his age all the time while being a great father of many kids and a business owner himself!

Congratulations Mike. I’m proud of you buddy!


Weightlifting Programming : Anyone interested in extra lifting programming it will be listed on certain days just like SkWAT Team work. It will lead right up to the AWF Nationals. It will usually be M-W-F-Sat



Strength : Bench Press

WOD: 3 Rounds
35 Pushups
55 Double Unders
3 Turkish Getup (each side)
The Program

1. Bench Press
2. WOD : 3 Rounds
35 Pushups
55 Double Unders
3 TGU 70/53 (Each side)

3. EMOM 10m
5-7 strict pull-ups

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