Weightlifting Seminar February 17th

Weightlifting Seminar February 17th

We are thrilled to announce our first seminar of 2018!


An Afternoon of Weightlifting
w/ Lando, Stacey, and Bud

Location : Lando Charlestown
Time: 12-3:30, includes half hour lunch/rest
Cost: $30 registration fee done through your TRIIB account, open Monday February 5th





  • Lando, Stacey, and Bud are all USA Weightlifting Certified Coaches.
  • Lando has served on the board of the American Weightlifting Federation as Vice President and hosted the AWF National Championships.
  • Stacey is a multi event champion of AWF and multi year competitor at the CrossFit Games.
  • Bud qualified for and competed at the University National Championships and coached many athletes in competitions


  • Limited Signups : With 3 great coaches and only 20 athletes you are guaranteed more personal attention than a month of class work.

– Tons of Lifting!: You usually have 20 minutes in a class, here you will have over an hour for each lift that includes technique and drills we don’t cover in classes, and time to MAX OUT!


Weightlifting is a large part of a balanced training program and very much so regarding CrossFit Lando. The Snatch and Clean and Jerk are fun to learn and perform with huge benefits to your fitness. While relatively easy to grasp on a beginner level, especially with proper coaching, they are deeply technical movements that can have hours devoted to their practice each day. Unfortunately we don’t have hours to spend on learning these lifts especially in our class setting at CrossFit Lando Woburn and Charlestown.

This is why we have revamped our seminars and cannot wait to bring this opportunity to you, our community. All level of athlete are welcome and will benefit from this day of lifting, from true beginners who might never have lifted before the seminar, to experienced lifters having competed or looking to compete in the future. Our seminar curriculum is designed to cover all important basics in a way that is interesting and engaging for all levels, while also including advanced cues and drills that advanced lifters can use and beginners can hold as motivation for their practice.

Bottom line : if you have any interest in improving as a weightlifter no matter your current skill level and desired outcome, you will benefit from this seminar. Spots are limited so get on it come Monday and get ready to learn and improve!