Weightlifting Seminar Signup is LIVE!!!

Weightlifting Seminar Signup is LIVE!!!

Sign Up Here for a chance to be coached one on one in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, lead by Lando along side Stacey and Bud. This is 3+ hours of straight up lifting, technique talk, more lifting, more technique work, and then lifting again.

This an all levels seminar. This means exactly what it says. If you are just starting out with us and haven’t even seen these lifts yet, you will get a TON of benefit directly from it. If you are a competitive, experienced lifter you will get just the same.

We will be teaching from the start for someone never having lifted before. However even the experienced lifter will get benefit from this part of the seminar as we will introduce drills we never do in regular classes. Then as we get more in depth, just like classes there will be ways that it can be applied to all skill levels, so even beginners can hang and have fun.

Spots will be limited, so if you have any interest I advise getting in NOW. If it’s filled up there will be wait list created for when people drop out in a first come, first serve basis.






Strength : “Curtis P” (Power Clean + Front Rack Lunge (each leg) + Push Press)
Find a max in 20 minutes

WOD : Max HSPU + Curtis P
1: “Buy In”, In 5:00 Perform:
Row 500m/425m
75 Double Unders

S/L1: 150 Singles or 100 Mix Singles and Doubles
Rx+: + 15 Burpees after Double Unders

2. Max HSPU (Score 1)
At 5:00 on clock perform 3:00 Max  Handstand Push-ups, rest 2:00 after
S: Push-Ups
L1: Ring Dips
Rx+: 5″ Deficit

3. Max “Curtis P” (Score 2)
At 10:00 on clock perform 5m AMRAP “Curtis P” @ 70% Strength Max from today
S: 50%
L1: 60%
Rx+: 80%



Lift : Power Clean and Jerk
Work to a max in 20 minutes

A: E30s for 5m : 1 Clean Position Deadlift @ 120% Max Power Clean above


B: 100 Push-ups/Ring Dips/HSPU, mix it up, 10m max


Conditioning: 2 Parts
Part 1: 10m to find a max “Curtis P”
Part 2: 6m AMRAP 65% “Curtis P” max found


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 5 Rounds, each round 2:30
3 Thruster 165/115
3 OHS (must link last thruster and first OHS together by not dropping bar or moving hands after Thruster)
8 Bar Facing Burpee
3 Thruster

3. 3×2:00 ME GHD Situps, 1:00 rest between