STRONG group class and Platform Rental

CrossFit Lando offers multiple options for working on your weightlifting, our STRONG class or platform rentals to work on your own. Whether you are interested in purely weightlifting as your fitness routine, or a CrossFit athlete looking to improve your lifts, we have 2 main options that have you covered.

STRONG follows our core programming and is good for people of all levels of fitness. A great way to get more into the olympic lifts while still in a HIIT class setting, STRONG classes parallel our CrossFit and SWEAT programming with emphasis or replacements for adding olympic and powerlifting. Great for weightlifters looking for conditioning work too without straying too far from their relationship with the bar.

Like all our classes, STRONG is programmed by our Head of Programming and Co-Owner Aaron Landes, and taught by our award winning staff.

Platform Rentals

We have 3 olympic size lifting platforms available for rental anytime we have classes or Open Gym going on during the day. Lifters are encouraged to have some experience at least in the knowledge base of the olympic lifts. Complete with 2 sets of Werksan barbells and plates that are used for platforms only in our facility, this is a great place to get your work in whether it be Lando Barbell programming or your own work as a visiting lifter.