Welcome Beshoi to the Team

Welcome Beshoi to the Team

Our team keeps growing! Some of you in Charlestown have met Beshoi already while he’s seemingly chained to the lifting platforms. Now everyone, mainly at Charlestown but the entire community overall, gets a chance to meet him as he is the newest member of our SQUAD.

Beshoi comes to us with immense knowledge and experience in our industry. Born in Dubai, he moved to California to attend University of California-Riverside where he earned his Bachelor of the Arts in Biology. He has always been interested in fitness and grew that interest into a love for Weightlifting and CrossFit. He spent a couple months running a CrossFit and BootCamp studio out in California while also training extensively in Weightlifting.

Lucky for us his next chapter brought him to Boston, MA to attend the MGH School for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He will be coaching BootCamp classes in Charlestown starting immediately, as well as working with yours truly to bring the weightlifting program back at both locations with recurring seminars and workshops, online media content, and more.

If you are in Charlestown soon be sure to welcome our newest staff member and make a point to come to one of his classes starting in a few weeks.




1. “BootCamp 7-14”
7 Rounds
7 Clapping Push-Ups
14 Thrusters 45/35
14 Plank Style Knee to Elbow (alt)
50′ One Sided Farmer’s Carry 70/53, each side
7 Burpees
14 Russian Swings 70/53
14 Jumping Pull-ups



Note on today’s WOD : This was a WOD from Regionals two separate years, 2011 and 2014. This is a special WOD in a sick kind of way to yours truly and our resident amazing Games athlete Stacey Kroon. 2011 was the epic year where our team at CrossFit Fenway where I was one of the 6 who came out of nowhere (not even listed in the top 15 pre-competition rankings) to qualify for the Games with a podium finish. Those Stacey superfans out there know that 2011 is also the 2nd year Stacey qualified for the Games, wiping the competition floor with the competition itself cruising to a 2nd place overall finish which she clinched before the last WOD even started.

“Deadlift Box Jump” was one of the WODs I participated in. It was Day 2 and after many practice attempts was by far the WOD I feared the most. When people ask me about competing in CrossFit they always reference my experience as a pitcher up through college as to how I must handle CrossFit competing well due to my past. What I always respond with is the difference is I wasn’t facing crippling pain every time I pitched, which is a somewhat exaggerated joke of a response…

…Except for when talking about this workout. This workout was pain exemplified. This workout literally crippled me for weeks, giving me tension headaches every time I trained for a while. I grew to fear this workout beyond anything I had feared in sports competition in my life. I performed well in the first day of Regionals because I was so focused on this event in the next day I didn’t even think about what I was facing in the first events.

Anyways, thanks to my partner for this WOD we cruised to a second place overall finish and 5th place time worldwide, giving us a solid position going into the last 3 events which we would eventually use to get our spot on the podium. So, I hope you can face this WOD without the same crippling pain and fear I go through every time I even see this movement combination. Good luck!!!

BTW, the RX for both Team and Individual that year was 30/24″. You are more than welcome to try that height at the RX weight but don’t be stupid. The time cap is a strict cap!!!


Strength : Thruster


  • All working sets meaning first “3” is 75% of 3 rep max, increase each set from there. Goal is at least 95% for the last 1 rep.


WOD : “Event 3, 2011 Regionals, Team Version”
Deadlift 275/185
Box Jump 24/20*

S: 135/95, Step Ups
L1: 225/155

Rx+: 315/205 (Individual Version)

9 Minute Time Cap


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2a: 5×5 Overhead Squat, rest as needed
2b: 5×4-8 Muscle Ups, rest 60s

3. Front Squat
2-2-2-2-2-2-2, pause 3s in bottom of each rep

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