Where Will Your Spark Go?



Com·mit·ment : noun: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

Loy·al : adjective : having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something


When I’m trying to get a point across through writing, whether it be a press release, blog post, or coaching seminar, I try to look for real life metaphors to hammer points home. This almost always takes me to the gym, to training, to doing and watching you all do what we do on a daily basis at CrossFit Lando. There is a lot to learn in here, in the box, things to learn on many levels. I think this is why this sport is so addicting. No matter what perspective you are taking, CrossFit can be a very simple thing: combining movements into workouts, done in a setting that is conducive to pushing yourself, and getting dramatic results. Simple can be seen in keeping your elbows up for all front rack movements. Simple in foam rolling soft tissue for better performance. Simple in sleep more, recover more = more happiness.

Simple. A CrossFit life can be simple.

A CrossFit life can also be complex.

There are hundreds of movements that can make our workouts. The setting we do them in can quite literally change our world. Imagine if you never knew of CrossFit Lando, if you lived in some remote area of the world where you did this same programming but with stones on pipes and in a dirt pit. Motivation = difficult. Even results can be far from simple because really what are results? Results like lost some weight? Or results like went from a good crossfitter to qualifying for the Games? How high your elbows are can be the difference between thrustering your bodyweight or not (not so simple), how, where, and definitely when you foam roll can help repair and prevent many injuries and can also be a complete waste of time (anatomy and physiology = not so simple).


Commitment is a hot button word at CrossFit Lando right now. It is always somewhat of a frontrunner for word of the day in any CrossFit gym because lets face it, to do this crazy ass sh*t we do every day takes a level of commitment that many people just don’t have. Hence why despite the rocketing popularity of this sport and the unquestionable and proven results, still less than 1% of the world population does it. But commitment is especially hot right now at CFL with all this Paleo Challengeness going on as we spaceship blast down the home stretch. I think we all know my feelings on commitment when it comes to the Paleo Challenge at this point. If you don’t quite know just read back a few weeks of posts and you will find it.

See, the driving force behind my very strong feelings on commitment to health and fitness in life is that we are ultimately in control of our destiny. Us. You. Me. 100% in the driver’s seat. This goes for all of life. Our own two hands have the power to shape our existence. It is no different than being in the gym for a day of training. Our own two hands and some very hard work can completely shape our destiny for good, and the benefit of this commitment to our body extends into the rest of our lives. There is no denying the positive effects that looking and feeling our best have on our performance in life. Your decisions pertaining to health and fitness support your outcomes in the rest of life.


When it comes down to it, commitment is just about loyalty to yourself, showing support to your goals. And if commitment means making a promise to be loyal, then commitments means making a promise to yourself.

That simple thing again.

You can talk circles around yourself when trying to figure out what will make you happy and successful, but when it comes down to nuts and bolts it’s just about personal loyalty, committing to the single most important thing in your life:


Some, if not all, will think this is incredible selfish. I think if you ignore yourself, ignore your ability to shape and control your destiny, then you are being selfish. What good does an unhappy you do for anyone or anything else? I’ll answer that for you: Nothing.

This all comes down to eliminating the excuses. I’ve talked about them before right here on this blog. It’s our partners, our living situation, work, money, school, parents, siblings, life in general for why we can’t get to the gym enough, eat clean enough, be fit enough. It’s day after day, week after week, excuse after excuse. It’s been 6 weeks of excuses, and for many it was 6 weeks and 6 months and 6 years of excuses before that.

It’s one month of Starbucks, or one night out to dinner and drinks for two, or 300 less text messages and 5gb less data, or no cigarettes, or making lunch. That can be all it takes to make it work. It can be just one less “paleo” cookie a day, one less drink a night, one better cut of beef, one month of no cheats. That can be al it takes to make it work. But there are still excuses for why it won’t work.

Enough with the excuses. Enough with the social media outbursts about commitment and truth, about domination and perseverance, only to go to bed having made no progress. The words and pictures only go as far as the eye can see them. They might get likes and giggles, high fives and texts of approval, but it all stops once it’s time to make a decision. The time to decide has past, it is beyond now. Will you make the changes, or continue to make the changes, that you need to make to be successful?

Will you make it to the 5:30am class because it’s the only one you can that day even though you have to work 12 hours? So you are starting a new semester at school, or starting school all together. Does that mean your fitness is no longer important, that your life is no longer important? What good is an MBA or PhD if you are dead before you can use it? Is it just life again making it too hard for you to stay committed, stay loyal to yourself? Will you cut back on the $5.00 coffee every single day so you can buy the extra food it takes to prep all your meals that will make it so your time training is 100% effective AND what you are fueling with is prepping you not just for now but for 1, 5, 10 years from now?

Many people will read this and feel some sort of spark, a spark that lasts about 5 minutes until they get diverted by some show or game or the smell of cookies in the oven, the taste and smell of ciders and paleo wine on everyone’s breath. Will that be you? Or will the spark linger enough to light a fire that burns out any need for that extra wasted hour of TV and turn it into an extra hour of sleep and recovery? Will the spark burn out your need for the crap, the BS protein from GNC because it’s $10.00 cheaper but $50,000 more expensive in life money (I don’t care if it says ISO or Pure or Natural, it’s all crap, all of it, so quit buying it). Will your spark burn out the need for the beers and wine (paleo of course) on a Wednesday night just because you can’t say no to the person who is constantly ruining your drive for success in and out of the gym? Can you finally draw the line between needed recreation and senseless diversion from your master plan, your deepest desires for a physical you inside and out that you have always wanted but never had?

Where will your spark go, and will it finally keep burning?

Your two hands, your hour in the gym, your destiny, your fulfillment. All of it rests in your two hands and no one else’s.



Strength: Deadlift

WOD: For Time
Row 500m
40 Thrusters 95/65


SkWAT Team: No Extra Work

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