What Walt Disney Taught Me About CrossFit



One of the best books I have ever read, both from an interest standpoint and pure fascination standpoint, is called Married to the Mouse: Walt Disney World and Orlando. The book is awesome for many reasons, and for those of you who know me as a complete mental patient in my love for Disney would be surprised to know that the book isn’t really full of love and fireworks for Disney. I won’t ruin it for anyone who wants a good read, but basically the book is about the creation of Disney World, from the concept of the magic, to the legal creation of a nearly self governing state within the United States, to why they don’t actually let people die on property. Whether you like Disney World or not it is a book worth reading, I’ll just leave it at that, and maybe a few other things. Other than the behind the scenes, and I mean deep behind the scenes, look into the creation of the greatest place on Earth, the book is so fascinating to me because it really gets into the process that Walt Disney went through to launch and execute his idea from start to finish.

Process. If you have been an athlete I coach for any amount of time it is something you are used to hearing this time of year. If you haven’t been an athlete I coach for very long then you will start to hear this to a point where you will judo chop me in the throat by January any time you hear me say it. The process is about the start TO THE finish, not just the start, and certainly not just the finish. In Married to the Mouse the first 75 pages or so talk about all the meetings, secret and not so secret, that went into just deciding where to put this “family friendly land of tomorrow”. An interesting little tidbit is originally Walt, very family oriented and not a drinker, wanted the entire park to be booze free. St. Louis was all but signed sealed and delivered as the site of Walt Disney World until the deal was called off the night before it was to be signed. Why? Walt was at a cocktail party where he was chided by one from the Busch family that he could never create the place he wanted without serving booze. Walt Disney and his entire group left on a private plane at sunrise the next morning, calling the deal off and setting their sights on Orlando. Other interesting thing is the reason he chose Orlando or St. Louis was the fact that it was sizable enough of an area but also had many major highways connecting making it very accessible.

So much of life is about the process. The process is what fancy posters in Skymall magazine call “The Journey” with then some quote underneath it and a picture of a boat traversing the open ocean in a CAT 5 hurricane. For real though, rarely do we get to where we want to be or accomplish what we want to accomplish in a matter of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even a year. The things that truly mean something to us, the lifetime achievements, take exactly that: a lifetime. I don’t make this s**t up. Walt Disney put every ounce of his soul into the planning of Disney World, not the construction or design but the planning to do so, for years before a single shovel entered the ground to start building his dream land. Whether your dreams are literally dreamland size, or just something of a hobby that turns into a job that turns into opening your own business, the process makes or breaks the level of your accomplishment.

Nothing that is truly lasting and fulfilling happens inside these walls in just one session. Even hitting a PR really only counts if you are able to replicate it another time soon after. What good is it if you can do something only once? Trust me when I say this is a standard you should hold yourself to and therefore strive to accomplish. It makes every goal never ending, scary to think at first, but ultimately sickening and enjoyable all at the same time. No PR happens in just one session though it might be accomplished as such. It happened through many many sessions, probably some failures, and definitely some days of just grinding it out. Understanding and accepting that this, and so much of life, is a process where you grow beyond the scope of what you are actually working on is the key to developing your fitness, regardless of your goals. Think back to your last PR and think about all the time that went into achieving that goal. How many classes, how many hours of extra work, and all just for 1 PR, 1 step in the development of your fitness. Think too, however, to what you learned about not just the development of that specific movement or movement group but about your training. Through the process of trying to set a new back squat PR you might learn something about nutrition that is lasting beyond that 1.5x BW back squat goal.

Take this and run with it my loyal Landos, right to Disney World. We all have different ends which means we have different paths to take us there. Despite these differences we all share one thing in common: we have a process in front of us that isn’t just one day. Take strength in the fact that you have hundreds of people ready to battle it out just like you to achieve something great. Whether it’s something simple like losing bands on pull-ups, or PRing the Clean, or qualifying for Regionals, or those “rest of life” things like raising a child, getting a promotion, or planning a retirement, all of it happens through continued focus over a period of time, achievement of small victories along the way, and the understanding that adhering to the process will give you the power and ability to dominate all aspects of your life in a simultaneous harmony in which the synergy creates an Earth shattering Big Bang-esque explosion where an Earth size Disney World is created in the aftermath. I will be the owner and ruler, and you all will get free admission for life, and every meal will be served at the German Biergarten.


– There will be no scaling of Rope Climbs today. Strict Pull-Ups will be done in place of Rope Climbs if you cannot perform them to 15′ (as written in Base).

Strength: Push Press

WOD: 3 Rounds, each round 4:00, resting 1:00 after each round
30 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
AMRAP Strict Pull-ups

Strength: Push Press

WOD: 3 Rounds, each round 4:00, resting 1:00 after each round
30 Wall Ball 20/14
20 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
AMRAP Rope Climbs, 15′

4a: 4×10 Strict Pull-Ups, rest :60
4b: 4×5 Bench Press, rest :60


1. Gymno Warmup
:30 HS hold (free standing if able)
3 L Pull-Up done at 8 second tempo (down and up total time)
5 double KB OH Squat (pick weight)
5 cartwheel (alternating)

2. Push Press

then 1 minute max reps @ 205/145, can rest anywhere but cannot rack.

3. WOD
3 Rounds, each round 4 minutes, resting 1:00 after each
30 Wall Ball 24/16
20 Box Jumps 24/20 (full stand)
AMRAP Rope Climbs, 15’

4a: 4×5 strict pull-up (weighted), rest :60
4b: 4×5 bench press, heavy, rest :60

75′ HS Walk (unbroken)

Important for Today: Push Press


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