What’s in a WOD?




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Continuing and finishing our analysis of the whiteboard, let’s dive deeper into the WOD and what you can decipher from how it’s written in terms of how you should go about your work. No matter your goals or experience, this analysis is for is little things that we can all get something from regardless of experience or ability. If our purpose is to get more fit in our time at Lando each day, why not go about it with the best plan possible? Maximizing efficiency is what CrossFit is all about anyways, right?


First thing is the obvious in what kind of WOD it is. We have 2 choices for the most part, a time focus or a work focus. Time focus are what we know as AMRAPs, the work being governed by a set amount of time. Work focus is what we know as “for time” workouts that have a set amount of work to do with our score being how fast we do it. Easy there.


Tougher part is identifying what the workout is calling for in terms of stimulus. Is it fast and light or slow and heavy? Often times the length of the workout can make this easy to see, as can the prescription in terms of weight and movement difficulty. Look at the reps, the movement, and the prescribed weight and determine from that what the workout calls for. Then decide your scale. Obviously your coaches can help you with this any time but it has to eventually end with you deciding what is best related to your ability.


Whenever in doubt remember this : the faster you move the more fit you will get. Intensity is very much so dependent on time. The workout “Fran”, 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups, is the perfection that it is because EVERYONE can move fast. 2-10 minutes of work that can render people incapacitated for hours after because it is light and simple enough that if scaled correctly anyone can do it with speed. The biggest mistake people can make is thinking heavier is always better. Heavier is sometimes better and certainly cures many illnesses, but faster is ALWAYS better.


Lastly, in our quest for fitness greatness there are times when we just need to bite the bullet and go for the heavier weight, harder scale, tougher movement in a WOD to get us over the hump and able to do that particular thing routinely. Double Unders, for example, can be practiced until we need shoulder replacements but eventually we need to put them together with a pull-up and squat clean in a sandwich. There is a time and a place for trying out your new found abilities, so another important part of WOD analysis is to identify where it is you can challenge yourself. AMRAPs are a great time for this because no matter how brutal the struggle is it will end and with everyone else. Wednesday’s workout being a 9 minute AMRAP, for example, would have been a good time to try double unders or a heavier kettlebell. Reps also can dictate if the WOD is a good time to go for the gold. If a movement like a deadlift is 5 reps or less that would be a good time to try a heavy weight you might have never done before in a WOD, AMRAP or “For Time”.


Now that I have completely f**ked your head up for something as simple as just working out, remember that at the end of the day that is all we are doing. Of course for us “working out” is a whole different thing, but there is always room for stepping back and reminding yourself through the hours of insanity that there is such a thing as paralysis by analysis. There are always drills, techniques, tricks, tips, and many avenues to look at the work we have ahead of us, but it isn’t always needed. Don’t get lost so badly that it loses it’s fun.


If it does stop being enjoyable don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Remember this is something you care deeply about, much more than just the casual Planet Fitness member, and that is OK. It is OK to cry over failure, lash out (with control) over frustration, and even want to take some time off because that last thing you ever want to do again in a moment is see a barbell. The most important piece of advice I give all my competitive athletes I work one on one with is that it is OK to be feeling whatever they are feeling at a given moment of weakness. It is wrong to think that we are always supposed to be happy and content, never in the gym without a smile. Sometimes life sucks and CrossFit is a part of life so sometimes CrossFit sucks. Especially when you gain 50# in 12 months while spending 15 hours a day in CrossFit gyms you own.


Always look for the better way, but always remember that whatever way is OK. The hour or so you spend in here each day is a great hour that will add time to your life on this wonderful Earth. While it can be painful both physically and mentally, heartbreaking and unfair, what you are doing with your life when in here is always good. Always.





Strength : Bench Press


-All reps done with 1 second pause at chest and at lock out 



WOD : 20 Minute Running Clock

Minutes 1-5 : AMRAP Run 200m, 5 Box Jumps 24/20
rest 2 minutes


Minutes 7-12 : AMRAP Run 200m, 5 Box Jumps 10 Push-Ups
rest 2 minutes


Remaining time : AMRAP Run 200m, 5 Box Jumps, 10 Push-ups, 15 Walking Lunges


Score is total reps completed through all 3 AMRAPs, Run counts as 2


S/L1: Step Ups 24/20



The Program : Off

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