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Mental Skills Workshop signups must be done in advance at the front desk. $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Workshop is 12:30-2:00pm on Saturday, March 1.


One of the best experiences of my life was being part of the Reebok CrossFit Regionals in 2011. A good part of why it is such a great part of the memories of my life is because the team I was part of did well. We placed 3rd overall and punched a ticket to the Reebok CrossFit Games. No one in the region thought we had a chance to go, even so much as a publication that listed the “Teams to Watch” on the CrossFit mainsite not having us even in the Top 10 the week before. Another part of it was because that team was a group of my best friends at the time, all of them whom I am still very close to. It also is the year that our very own Stacey Kroon of CrossFit Lando, someone who has become my right hand woman in my business, an athlete I coach every day, and a great friend of mine, qualified for the Games as an individual, an unbelievable feat. This all happening the same year, our improbable run and Stacey’s dramatic return to the Games, made the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games season an amazing experience.

But something else made the whole thing so memorable to me. The Opens that year was in it’s infancy, a new thing that seemingly came out of nowhere with the merger with Reebok and CrossFit, so we were all new to it. We were all at CrossFit Fenway at the time and started our journey with the 50 or so other people who had signed up from the box. We had weekly Open sessions that were like mini competition days that had an energy like nothing I had experienced before. People who had just started CrossFit, serious competitors like Stacey, people scaling all the WODs, people RXing them, and everyone in between all going through the same trials and tribulations that are what we all know as the Opens.

A week in the life of the Opens is an entire year’s worth of competitive anxiety in 6 days. That year seemed like Groundhog Day each week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were filled with various bouts of serious anxiety until they announced the workout on Wednesday night (now Thursday). We spent hours sitting around and speculating what movements would be announced that week, with none of us even coming close with our guesses (I’m still praying for the 2K Row to come out any day now). Once the WOD announcement happened we all went through various stages of excitement (I’m going to CRUSH this WOD), denial (Double Unders NOOOOO), and anger (I HATE YOU DAVE CASTRO). All of these emotions came out on Saturday when we banded together, a bunch of individuals trying our best, as one big group fighting for the same thing: to prove our fitness, to live another week, and to have a damn good time doing it.

If there is one reason to sign up for the Opens it’s because it is an experience you literally can’ t get anywhere, any way else. It is the only sport season, the only time in anything that people of any experience level can positively contribute to a bigger entity. A lot of people might play baseball or softball even past college but no regular Joe or Jane can just go play for the Red Sox any season. Yes we have some individuals who are amazing athletes and whether it be this year or years down the road will make serious waves in the individual realm of competition in the Reebok CrossFit Games. Yes if not this year then next year we will have 6 amazing athletes who represent Operation Lando as a qualified team at Regionals. But even if you aren’t one of those people you can be someone who contributes to the positive energy, the frenetic environment that makes this time of year special in a CrossFit box. Even if your scores aren’t “counted” for the team (top 3 male and top 3 female scores) your participation adds so much to the community

Last year we had 15 people participate in the Opens. Currently we have 47 people signed up. This is amazing that so many people are already committed to helping this community be it’s best during the next 5 weeks. If you are one the fence take it from me, you want to be part of this. No ability level is required. The past 2 years all you absolutely had to do was 1 burpee to do the first workout successfully and continue on to Week 2. EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE! As I said before, we will be doing the WOD each Friday in class so be prepared to give it a go and get nuts. You don’t want to miss it.


TUESDAY: Paleo Retest Day #2

Strength: Back Squat
Find a 1rm in as much time as desired

– Even though your singles might move relatively slowly, you want to get your body moving weight fast. Use your warmups as a chance to get the body moving quickly. Try to literally jump the weight off your shoulders at the top. If you make it to class a little early then do some high box jumps, light KB swings, and GHD situps to get your CNS ready to roll.

WOD: 100 burpees for time

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