Woburn Member of the Month : Laura Toulopoulos

Woburn Member of the Month : Laura Toulopoulos

Notes on Attendance Challenge : Official start was today. Rules are simple. Sign up for class, attend said class, get an attendance point. End of February we will crown winners. You only get points if you sign in THAT DAY. No post action sign ins will be counted, and we will monitor the attendance records at the end of business each day. So get in the good habit of signing up and signing in! Winners get discounted memberships, dates with their favorite coaches named Jack, and/or the Paleo Power Meals fridge including the chance to pick it up themselves!


Member of the Month, Woburn : Laura T!

I am very excited to announce that Laura is our Member of the Month in Woburn for February! Odd having the feature picture be of someones back, but this comparison was shared by Laura herself not long ago and could be the symbol of everything great about what our fitness program is about (our in the sense of CrossFit as a whole). Without getting too into my feelings about the Figure world and what it does to people psychologically (hint: its bad), I couldn’t be happier that Laura found us and happiness with her health and fitness through CrossFit, and away from that world. She is an inspiration to anyone, male or female, who is searching for balance in their fitness life, and a shining example of how the way you workout can truly change your life. It seems cliche but there’s a reason why these stories end up with similar messages, that I truly feel we are lucky to have Laura as part of our community.

Read more about Laura and her life in and out of the box, before Lando, and more in her Member of the Month profile!


The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Open

An in depth post about how we are running the Open this year will be posted Wednesday night. Please do your best to read this and I thank you for being patient until then. I always like to wait as long as I can to gather as much info as I can from HQ about any changes, though really just a tactic to stir up calamity.

Until then you can sign up now so why not do so!? Both locations have separate affiliations and teams so you have to make sure you register all the way through to the proper home affiliate and join our team for that box. Operation Lando TB 12 or Operation Lando TB 12 – 5.

I hope he will be proud.




1. Core Sprints : 4 Rounds
50′ Broad Jump AFAP
20 Situps AFAP
20 Russian Swings AFAP (weight to be done UB)
50′ Broad Jump AFAP
rest 45s
10 Burpees AFAP
rest 45s

In case you didnt get it, this should all be done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

2. Conditioning

Hold/Accumulate a 2 minute forearm plank, then immediately into:

5 Rounds
5 Jumping pull-ups
10 Air Squats
15 Walking Lunges
20 Wall Ball 20/14



Strength : Power Snatch
15 minutes to find a 3 rep max touch and go


7 Power Snatch 115/75
7 CTB Pull-Ups
7 Clapping Push-ups
7 Pistols (alternating)

S : 75/55, Jumping Pull-Ups, Scaled Push-ups, Jumping Squats
L1 : 95/65, Scaled Pull-Ups and Pistols

Rx+: 135/95, 5 Bar Muscle Ups


LiftingWOD (both locations, check schedule)

1. Snatch Focus
– Power Snatch warmup
– Skill Work
– Snatch Conditioning : EMOM 3m : 3 Power Snatch, rest 1 minute, EMOM 3m : 2 Power Snatch, rest 1 minute, EMOM 3m : 1 Power Snatch

2. WOD
Squat Snatch, 60% max single rep from today
rest 3 Minutes
Power Snatch, 75% max single from today


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 5m AMRAP
Squat Snatch @ 75% 1rm
rest 3m
5m AMRAP Muscle Ups
rest 3m
5m Row AFAP

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