Schedule Changes, This Friday Only




There will be changes to the evening schedule for THIS FRIDAY ONLY. Thank you for understanding.





Wall Ball might be the most wide spectrum movement in terms of how people view it of everything we do in CrossFit. For some it’s a welcome strength, us tall folk who will gladly toss a ball a foot beyond our reach a few times. Then the other end of the spectrum is those of you who the target looks like it’s the top of the empire state building and you are tied to cinder blocks. I understand that I don’t understand, but you all get your pull-ups and toes to bar so sympathy isn’t in great supply over here.


Like everything we do you can make these at least less awful with a few simple adjustments. Starting from the bottom remember what this movement really is : a squat. So all the elements of a are in play. Initiate your hips back, push the knees out to create tension in the hips and hamstrings, and bounce out of the bottom. Mobility certainly is a factor but those of you who skirt parallel are actually making it worse because you aren’t getting the stretch reflex from that bounce in the bottom. It’s a controlled but fast descent to that bottom position, then generate speed to help toss the ball up.


There are simple things that can help too like the setup. As dumb as it sounds I see many people struggling just because they are too close to the wall. You want to get some bounce off the wall so you can time your descent and get maximum efficiency, and we also have to actually hit the target area. Make sure you are at least arms length away. Remembering the squat piece, get the feet setup right both width and direction of the toes. I can’t tell you how many times I see people who are normally perfectly good squatters technique wise totally lose that when doing wall ball. Lastly in setup and execution, hold the ball at the chest when you have it. It’s instinct to hold the ball at our face because we like to see the objects we are holding but that makes us hold tension in our arms. Keep the ball at the chest while squatting to give you even a millisecond break.


You can do this. Ignore my laughing.





-Woburn schedule for evening : 430pm class, 530pm BootCamp Sprint Class (30 minutes). Gym closes promptly at 6:15pm

– Canal Park schedule for evening will be : 4-4:30pm Open Gym. 4:30pm CrossFit, 5:30pm BootCamp Sprint (30 minutes). Gym closes promptly at 6:15pm



BootCamp Sprint


1. Core Work
– L-Sit Practice/hold for 3:00 running clock
rest :30
– Chair position holding medball (athlete sitting on floor), 3:00 running clock every :30 perform 4 russian twists
rest :30
– Forearm plank hold into straight arm plank hold alternating every :30, 3:00 running clock


2. Conditioning

3:00 Max Effort Wall Ball 20/14
2:00 Max Effort Toes to Bar
3:00 Max Effort Russian KB Swings
2:00 Max Effort Jumping Pull-Ups






Woburn : Split Jerk, find a 1 rep max
Canal Park: Split Jerk, every 90s perform 3 reps for 7 sets, 80-90% (no failures)



WOD : For Time
104 Wall Ball 20/14
52 Toes to Bar


12:00 Time Cap


S: 9′ target, lighter ball, scaled TTB
L1: lighter ball, scaled TTB


Rx+: every drop of WB and break of TTB perform 6 burpees



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. 50 Strict Pull-ups


3. 7m AMRAP
3 Snatch @ 80% 1 rm
7 OH Walking Lunge
30 UB Double Unders



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