WOD #2 : “Slappy the Slap Happy Squireel”







IN HOUSE THROWDOWN WOD #2: “Slappy the Slap Happy Squirrel”


For Time:
10 Wall Climbs
20 High Jump, 12″ above standing reach (6″ scaled) 
30 Hang Squat Snatch

– EMOM perform 5 Squat Clean, including start


Rx: 95/65

Scaled : 65/45



Standards, Scaling, Scoring : Wall climbs will be done to a line of tape on the floor. Hands will have to pass the line rather than chest to wall. Scaled will just be further from wall to make it basically a half or 75% climb. High jump will be against a wall with tape marking where you must touch each time. Snatch standards are as usual and hands must be even or outside of lines on bar.


Score is total time to complete required work. There will be a 12 minute time cap. If work is not completed in 12 minutes score is 12:00 + 3 seconds for any reps not completed. Tie break is time when wall climbs are completed, or amount of wall climbs completed at time cap.


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Core Conditioning (Woburn)

Core : 12 Minute Running Clock
3 Min Max Barbell Roll-outs
3 Min Max Situps
3 Min Max Supermans
3 Min Max Accumulated Forearm Plank Hold, rotating from middle, left side, right side every 30 seconds.


Conditioning : For Time
Row 400m
75 Russian Swings, heaviest able
100 Air Squats
Row 400m
50 Walking Lunges





Strength : Low Bar Back Squat
3-3-3-3, then 2-2-2-2 with 2 second pause on way up at just above knee


WOD : 5 Rounds, each round 2:30 with 1:30 rest
10  CTB Pull-ups
150′ Shuttle Sprint (75′ down and back)
AMRAP Front Squat 135/95 with remaining time


S: 10 Pull-Ups/12 Jumping Pull-ups, 75/55#
L1: 115/80#

Rx+:  5 MU for pull-ups (7 Bar MU at CP), 155/105#
– Bar MU can be done as a sub at Woburn if you are not able to do ring but it is NOT Rx+.

The Program

1. Strength and WOD Rx+

2a: 3xME KB Thruster 70/53 each hand, rest :60
2b: 3xME Double KB Swing 70/53 each hand, rest :60

-immediately after last Double Swing set perform 30 burpees AFAP, then Run 400m AFAP


3. Clean work
– Spend 10-15m working on a max sets of 4 Power Clean, make 4/5 attempts


Then EMOM 8m, 3 Power Clean



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