Wonderful Time of Year

Wonderful Time of Year

Holiday Party on Thursday. Toy Drive Collection ends Friday. What a time to be part of this community! Get involved!

SCHEDULE UPDATE FOR TOMORROW (THURSDAY): There will be no late class at Woburn (7pm) or Charlestown (630pm) in recognition of the holiday party. This is a once a year event that is special for all our community and we want to give everyone a chance to get there on time, especially us staff! We really appreciate your understanding. Plan ahead as able, or just come to the party early!



Interested in competing for the 2018 Open Season? Time is now. Don’t miss it. Read the manual —–> Operation 2018, and let’s qualify a team. I have already had over 15 people reach out. Blown away with the response, especially from newbies! This is going to be awesome. Get to work!




WOD: “Death by A Lot”

Bar Facing Burpees (start at 3 increase by 1)
Thrusters 95/65 (start at 3 increase by 1)
Double Unders (start at 8 increase by 8)
Overhead Squat (start at 2 increase by 2)

  • Done EMOM style, starting with reps as noted and increasing as noted. Goal is at least 20 minutes.


  • Score is sum of last completed rep/minute before failure round of the 3 non-double under movements. So if you fail in the minute of 9 reps for the burpees, thrusters, and OHS your score for those is 8 for each. For the double unders its the score of your last round whatever you get to so if you are racing to finish your 7th minute of DUs (35 reps) and get 32 done, you add 32 to your score of the other 3 (8×3 = 24), so your score is 56 for the total. Math and fitness, yay!!


S : STOH (for thruster) 65/45, Front Squat (for OHS), Single Unders (increase x3 each round)
L1 : 75/55, DU x3 or Singles x7

Rx+: 115/75



1. Core Work

2. “Death By A Lot”

Lateral Burpee Over Bar
Wall Ball (x3)
Step Up/Box Jump 24/20 (x2)
Walking Lunge, MB at chest/OH, reps are each leg each minute, go x1 (so first minute = 2 lunges total)


The Program

1. Death By Workout…this is a great work capacity workout. Do it with a weight and scale you can do at least 30 minutes of work

2. EMOM 8m
5 Deadlift 335/225, SPEED focus
rest 2 minutes then
5m AMRAP : Burpee Muscle Up


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