You Are What You Eat, So I Must Be Pizza, and Here’s What To Eat For Breakfast

You Are What You Eat, So I Must Be Pizza, and Here’s What To Eat For Breakfast

Good fitness life struggle joke right?

I could have made it better by continuing with “or buffalo wings, or peanut butter, or beer”. That woulda been nuts funny.

But seriously here people, cut out the jokes. It’s time to get real about nutrition. Everything up to this point has been a lie and you are now finally being lead to the truth. I am your truth maker.

Ok for real now this time, what I said until now just on this blog is kind of a joke, but to say everything forever from this blog has been a lie is tough to say because I can barely remember last Monday. BUT, when it comes down to nutrition, a lot of what we all grew up believing (alter that to your respective age) is wrong. I still will never forget the “career day” we had in my middle school and my one buddy who’s Mom was really militant about food spoke on nutrition because she was a nutritionist. I’m talking this woman, when she had to drive for those of us from our town baseball team who made the NE Junior Olympic Team, she refused to stop at McDonald’s for dinner on the way home after we hadn’t eaten for 8 hours already and had just had a 4 hour practice. My Mom/Dad always sprung for Wendy’s, it was sick.

But anyways, I still to this day can remember Ms. Eddy’s talk on nutrition, and how we had to eat what basically amounted to 5 loaves of bread in grains each morning within 5 minutes or we would die of lack of fiber and be constipated forever. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

Truth be told kiddos, what you eat for breakfast sets up your Stark in Iron Man like success or Stark in Age of Ultron like failure for the rest of the day. Breakfast is the secret weapon for “dieting”, that being a word so dumb it needs to be exorcised out of the dictionary. It’s the secret weapon to eating for health, performance, and quality body composition and image. Breakfast is the meal of champions, and Wheaties sure as hell are not a champion like breakfast choice.

What does one eat during breakfast? Protein, some fat, and your only carbs coming from vegetable sources like leafy greens. You want to fuel your body with quality energy sources. Stay away from wheat and other high carb, gluten bearing foods. These will bloat you, spike your insulin which heads you right to an epic crash, and cause inflammation before you even get your day started. If you eat a clean breakfast of high protein, little but natural fat, and clean carbs you will give your body lasting energy.

Breakfast is the secret. Not only will that lasting energy keep you from the late morning crash, but it will kickstart your metabolism. Any of you out there skip breakfast? It’s literally THE WORST thing you can do for your body composition. Sleeping puts you in a fasting state naturally. If you continue this while up and expending energy, your body shuts your metabolism down. So by not eating while you might think it’s good to cut out those calories sometimes (that is never correct), doing it in the morning is literally the worst thing you can do for your body.

If you want more info on exactly what to eat for breakfast reach out for a nutrition consultation with Lando or Stacey. Next is What To Eat Before Your Workout, a special blog by Stacey.




Strength : Power Clean
EMOM 10m : 2 Tng Reps

WOD : For Max Reps
5m Max Cal Row/Bike
4m Max Double Unders
3m Max Power Snatch 75/55
2m Max Lateral Burpee Over Bar
1m Max Shoulder to Overhead

S: Single Unders, 65/45
L1: Scaled DU

Rx+: 95/65



Lift: Power Clean
EMOM 12m: 2 Tng Reps

Accessory: Pull and Push
EMOM 10m
O: 3 Bench Press, hold last rep extension for 10s
E: 3 Strict pull-ups, hold last rep chin over bar ME


Conditioning: For Max Reps
5m Max Cal Row/Bike
4m Max Double Unders
3m Max Power Snatch 75/55
2m Max Lateral Burpee Over Bar
1m Max Shoulder to Overhead


The Program : Off

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