Friday 4.17 : Its All In The Hips

An iconic line from an iconic character from an iconic movie. Chubbs, as Adam Sandler’s “Happy’s” coach is lovingly called in Happy Gilmore, is one of the more iconic side characters in a comedy movie in the last 30 years. It pains me to admit that there are a lot of people who are old enough to drink who might not know who Chubbs is or even what this movie is about. Adam Sandler has stayed relevant, arguably more so than he was during his unbelievable run of classic comedy movies, but a lot of his older movies are lost to the new generation of comedy. I actually would be interested to see statistics about whether his movies like Billy Madison and this one saw a spike in streams/purchases after the success of Uncut Gems and last years Murder Mystery.

(I would say the latter of those two is legit good. The former got huge play and I’ll admit I didn’t make it through it due to it giving me massive anxiety. However I think as a movie on the whole it doesn’t hold up, but rather it sustained on the buzz from Sandman’s performance)

Sidenote here. I think Adam Sandler is one of the most misrepresented actors maybe ever. I also think he is fully responsible for that misrepresentation. Since Billy Madison he had some if not all creative control over is feature movies with his Happy Madison productions. So while the aforementioned Billy and Gilmore along with Waterboy, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, and some others that are arguable will be in the modern comedy legend realm along with Sandman himself, he put out a lot, and I mean A LOT, of stink. Pixels, Grown Ups 2, Zohan, Blended, and the list keeps going, are some of the worst movies ever made. I mean that with no sarcasm or loss of respect for Sandler as an actor. Confirmed rumor is he made $20 million for most every movie he starred in from like 2010 on so hell, why not? I mean Netflix paid him over $100 million for some absolute trash to get Murder Mystery then gave him another contract.

The thing is I think he actually is a good actor. Gems people say he should’ve gotten Oscar nod for, and he was just good at acting in Murder Mystery. The movie that really got me into this feeling of Adam Sandler is actually just a good actor who is really funny is Funny People. I think would be considered great by more people if it wasn’t almost 3 hours long. Good or not you can only take so much of ANY movie let alone a comedy/drama about a terminal illness.

This though is the misrepresentation. People think Adam Sandler for the most part is either a shitty actor, washed up, way overrated, not funny ever, or some other description that implies bad and lazy. I just think that’s wrong. He has made as many great movies as he has bad, and way more good than bad. Also Grown Ups filmed a scene in my hometown I grew up in and my Mom was the liaison to the movie for the church her and my Dad go to so she got to hang on set for days. She said Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, all of them were just the nicest, coolest people.

Anyways enough of the sidetone. Let’s go back to the scene with Chubbs teaching Happy how to putt. Anyone how knows golf knows putting is the hardest thing to do in relation to everything else in golf. You can cover 495 yards of a 500 yard hole in 3 swings, then take 3 more putts to cover the last 15 feet when putting because you are worried about your line, your feet, your shoulders being level, your eyes, the break, the wind, the guy smoking a joint in the woods, literally everything other than what you should be focusing on.

Chubbs makes it simple. Now whether putting really is “all in the hips” can be debated. I think what Chubbs is doing here is just showing Happy how regardless of anything, putting just ain’t that hard. It’s all in the hips, like making sweet love.

Sometimes it’s a really simple answer to figure out what we need to make us better, or happier, or healthier. It’s just all in the hips, and was the whole time.

We are DEEP into the Corona Quarantine life. People have lost their minds and found them again. We have fallen off the wagon, gotten back on, then crashed it into a fiery blaze. There are entire companies that have started just the last 2 months with their main product centering around giving advice for how to survive the quarantine.

Well I’m here, channeling Chubbs, to tell you it’s really just simple. Get outside at least 2x a day for 30+ minutes. If you have a dog, significant other, or young child then you are in business because you can take them with you (or ask them to make you do it…need a talking dog for this though).

The hardest part we all have down already, and that’s physical fitness. Exercise is every expert’s, new and old, advice for how to survive being stuck inside with people you are married or related to but really don’t know worth a shit. We got exercise covered, whether you got your own equipment and programming or you are following what is posted here. Either way we got this together. Then you just need to make sure you’re keeping yourself healthy with things like drinking water, eating as good as you can, and sleeping.

Let’s recap. How to stay sane and healthy during the quarantine:

  • Sleep
  • Drink water
  • Eat well and enough
  • Get outside 2x a day, maybe with loved ones or the people you live with.
  • Remember your job doesn’t make you, you make you, and your job is just something YOU do.

The last one I just threw in there.

So look at that recap. Pretty simple, eh? Simple like putting, at least by Chubbs’ methods.

In other words, It’s All In the Hips.

But seriously guys and gals. I know this is that no-person’s land time wise and we don’t even know if May 4th will bring us freedom like we think. But the truth is we know what we got. We know we are stuck in this vortex of sameness. Instead of fighting it, instead of the negativity about the future and money and who’s fault is what, let’s focus on the simple things. Yourself and keeping yourself happy, the people who really mean the most to you and what you can do with or maybe even for them, and the simple things in life that are necessary to keep the above happening.

You got this, we got this.


1-5: 1 Power + 1 Squat Snatch
6-10: 2 Squat Snatch
11-15: 2 Squat Clean

Rest 5 minutes then 10m to find max x2 High Bar with 3s pause each rep


Core Work: For Reps
30s Left Leg Bridge Up
30s Right Leg Bridge Up
30s Bridge Up Hold
– Rest 30s
30s Left Leg Bridge Up Leg Lift
30s Right Leg Bridge Up Leg Lift
30s Hollow Hold
– Rest 30s
30s Straight Arm Plank Arm Raises, alt.
30s Straight Arm Plank Leg Lifts, alt.
30s Push-ups
– Rest 30s
30s Straight Arm Plank Around The World
30s Straight Arm Plank Opp. Arm/Leg Lifts L/R
30s Straight Arm Plank Opp. Arm/Leg Lifts R/L
– Rest 30s
1 Min ME Dead Bug

WOD W/Equipment: 12m AMRAP
Buy In: Run 400m
70 Hollow Rocks
60 Supermans
50 Walking Lunges
40 Burps
30 KB Floor Press, 15/15
20 Goblet Squat
THEN with remaining time perform AMRAP
2 Wall Climbs / 4 Inch Worm + Push-ups
12 KB Swings

  • Score is total of AMRAP

W/o Equipment: Same Buy In (sub push-ups for floor press and jumping squats for goblet)
2 Wall Climbs/ 4 Inch Worm + Push-ups
12 Pistols (alt)

  • If you don’t have a way to scale pistols then substitute 8 Burpees

Extra Work
1. Overhead Squat : EMOM 10m, 2 reps from rack, must drop and power clean back up.

2. Barbell Good Morning

3. 100 Walking Lunges + 100 Supermans + 100 Air Squats