Friday 2.19 : Yoga Sundays!

We are excited to announce a coming partnership with Julianne Lenehan. Jules is a fitness enthusiast who actually got into CrossFit while living in Thailand many years ago. She has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for many years as well and will be starting to teach classes here at Monument Fitness starting Sunday, March 7.

Ideally we will have a regularly scheduled yoga class on Sundays, and/or potentially Saturdays and/or a day during the week. But for now we will start with Sundays.

They will be like all other classes for now in terms of sign up due to the space restrictions with COVID, so check the schedule and get signed up! Classes will be just an added part of your membership for now, with the option of paying $10 per class if you don’t want to use one of your classes for it any given time.

Read more about Jules below and check out more here!

Julianne is a 300 hour Registered Yoga Teacher who has taught in Asia, Europe, and the U.K. Her yoga journey began nearly a decade ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand where it started as a reprieve from life’s stressors. What began as an after work stress reliever soon became a lifestyle as she discovered the transformational aspects of pranayama (breath work), asana (poses), and meditation. As an athlete and someone who always enjoyed working out, yoga became her way of “working in.” She saw the effects of her practice in having a newfound patience for herself and others, as well as in her body with better flexibility and deeper breathing. Her practice is ever evolving and while she considers herself a teacher, she is a student first and is passionately committed to keeping a beginner’s mind.

Jules grew up in Melrose, MA and studied Psychology and Anthropology at Depaul University in Chicago. As a yoga teacher she believes in holding space for others to explore their bodies and minds without judgment. She wants her students to have fun, get curious, and be open minded and playful. Above all else, she believes in allowing each student the space and time to have their own unique experience.

Come check out Julianne’s first class on Sunday, March 7th and start prioritizing your physical and mental recovery each week to compliment your gains you make in our other classes.

Strength: Deadlift

2 Rounds of
10 Overhead Squats 75/55
10 Pull-ups
rest 1:00 after round 2
then 2 Rounds of
12 OHS
12 Pull-ups
rest 1:00 after round 2
– Continue adding 2 reps to each movement in same fashion for 12 minutes

S: Front Squat, Jumping Pull-ups
L1: Scaled Pull-ups

Rx+: Open WOD 15.2
in 3:00 perform 2 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats
10 CTB Pull-ups
rest remaining time until 3:00
then from 3:00-6:00 perform 2 rounds
12 OHS
12 CTB Pull-ups
rest remaining time until 6:00

  • continue in this fashion adding 2 reps per movement and trying to complete 2 rounds every 3:00 until you cannot finish the required work

Extra Work
1. 15m Handstand Work (free standing, walking, etc)

2. EMOM 12m
3 Bench Press, heaviest able
5 SDLHP, heaviest KB able

150 Hollow Rocks
EMOM perform 6 Up Downs

5 Rounds
20 Lunges
20 Jumping Squats
20 Push-ups
20 Flutter Kicks
10 Burpees