Friday 3.27: Stay With The Challenge!

Literally the World’s Greatest Stretch. Listen and watch. You might know it but pay attention to the finer points and put this into your daily routine!

Strength: Squat Clean
EMOM 12m : 2 reps

Virtual Class Work : If you aren’t sure about the movements but don’t plan on joining in, you should! But also you can check out the recordings right under the Workouts and Challenge tab on the main webpage.

As always be sure to post your #LandoFit Challenge 2020 results for today. Don’t let yourself get behind. Just stay with it each day. A weekend challenge will be posted tomorrow to be completed by Sunday night for points!

Core WOD: For Reps
1 Min Plank Push-ups
1 Min Plank Hold
1 Min Alternating Dead Bug
1 Min Lemons
1 Min Supermans
1 Min Situps
1 Min Alternating Supermen

WOD (All): Tabata Friday
Jumping Lunges
Up Downs

L1: Scaled push-ups, Regular Lunges
Rx+: Jumping Squats, Clapping Push-ups

  • The way this is done is each movement is done 8 times straight, 20s on 10s off. So you do Squats for 20s on, 10s rest, and repeat it for a total of 8 rounds. Then move on to push-ups. Your score is the the total reps.