Friday 4.10

In any sport I am a big believer in practicing what you will do in competition as closely as possible. You never found my pitchers throwing boomerangs to work on their curveball, for example.

The Snatch Position Deadlift is a great way to work on strengthening the snatch position while also mimicking the movement very closely, even reinforcing some key elements of the technique.

Begin with your body in the same exact place as a snatch. This is why I like to program it for being done right after a snatch session. I’m talking hook grip and all. Over focus on locking your shoulders and thoracic spine (upper mid back) down and back so you get as close to no rounding of the area when lifting or any delay in getting the bar off the ground compared to the hips elevating.

Your goal, just like a regular full snatch, is to keep the angle of the hips/ the line from the tailbone up to the neck, exactly the same until the bar is at mid thigh just before your usual launch position. This focus on staying over the bar even when it gets past the knees with a heavy weight will help build strength in all the parts of the posterior chain, from shoulders/thoracic down the lumbar and into the glute and hamstrings, needed to snatch heavy.

I like to get athletes to think that they should end any snatch deadlift session with 10-20% heavier than their best snatch (of the day or ever) so as to build both physical strength and mental confidence with heavy weights.

And that’s what I got on that.


Strength: Snatch
EMOM 6m : 2 Squat Snatch
– Then Snatch Deadlift
EMOM 6m: 2 Heavy Reps

Core Work: 4 Rounds
15s Seated Left Lifts
10s Hollow Hold
– rest 30s
4 Rounds
15s Reverse Plank
10s Reverse Plank Leg Lifts
– rest 30s
4 Rounds
15s Alt. Lemons
10s Seated Hols
– rest 30s
4 Push-ups
4 Shoulder Touches (each side)
8 Hollow Rocks

WOD w/equipment: 5 Rounds, each round 2:00 with 45s rest
5 Single Arm KB Swing/DB Snatch (each side)
5 KB/DB Thrusters (each side)
10 Plank Jumping Jacks
10 Squat Side Jumps

WOD w/o equipment: 5 Rounds, each round 2:00 with 45s rest
10 Push-ups
10 Jumping Lunges
10 Plank Jumping Jacks
10 Squat Side Jumps

Extra Work
1. EMOM 10m
O: Front Rack Hold @ BW
E: ME STOH 185/135

2. 100 Good Mornings
– If you don’t have weight to use then do this AFAP but still with quality. If you have weight no more than 45#