Friday 4.24 : Holy *$%& It’s Another Friday

Jogging is very beneficial. It’s good for your legs and your feet. It’s also good for the ground, it makes it feel needed.

Charles M. Schultz

As I got ready to write this blog I nearly gasped at the fact I was writing “Friday” in the blog title. It seemed like only yesterday I was writing Friday of last week, and the week before that. This truly is getting Groundhog Day-esque with every day into a week into a month. All I need is “I Got You Babe” blasting me awake and I’m Bill Murray.

I’ve talked with Stacey on the Getting Worked Podcast about the new normal. About 2 weeks ago I feel we all had gotten over the “Gasp, My Lord!” aspect of what the hell was happening and assimilated accordingly into our new lives. Wasn’t too bad for a little while but slowly the slog set in. We aren’t made for Groundhog Day. We need variance, we need connection human and otherwise. And we need people to talk to, vent to, reason with us, agree with us, hell disagree with us. We just need variance.

The difficulty in all of this is we are all going through the same thing, yet we are all experiencing it completely differently. We are all in quarantine because of this global pandemic that swept up on us faster than Christmas this past year, yet we all have individual bodies and souls, living situations and job expectations, daily stressors and people in and around our lives. So what ends up happening? We all go from some type of ritualistic interpersonal connections with the people in our lives to that being completely ripped apart. Even if we live with people who love and care about us suddenly the normal we knew and understood how to operate in is gone.

Raise your hand if at some point during this whole quarantine you have felt lonely, anxious, even afraid?

We get a lot from giving. Remember that. I love the quote that started this because it’s somewhat nonsense and silly, but also so simple and true. The end especially. Sometimes maybe even the ground needs a little tender love and care. The ground that supports us every step of the way, the ground that we are forever in contact with but often completely neglect due to it’s ever presentness. Exactly how simple is the act of touching the ground with your feet when running? About as simple as sending a text, a DM, or god forbid, a phone call.

We all need something these days. If we all feel that way then we won’t get anywhere fast. If you are feeling lonely or anxious, think about those people in your life who are the ground beneath your feet, your support with every step. Maybe they need a quick reminder that they’re important too. If you are waiting for a reach out, be the first to reach this week and maybe you will be the one getting the shout back next time. If anything it will help pass the time, but I think it will end up being a lot more than that.

Regardless of how and when this ends the most important thing is going to be how we treat each other. Who we do business with and how, who we choose to spend our time with as limited as it may be, it will all be more important than it ever was before. So let’s get a little practice in now when it’s as simple as can be, simple as taking the next step.

Strength: EMOM 6m
1 Squat Clean Thruster + 1 Jerk (Any)
then right into EMOM 5m
1 Squat Clean + 1 Jerk (Any)
then right into EMOM 4m
1 Squat Clean

THEN 3m AMRAP Front Squat 185/135

Core Work: 2 Total Rounds
2:30 AMRAP
5 Straight Arm Plank Leg Swings (each side)
5 Push-ups
10 Scissor Kick (from hollow hold)
10 Hollow Rocks
15 Good Mornings (fast but form focused)
– Rest 1:00 after 2:30, then
2:30 AMRAP
5 Standing Elbow to Knee Crunch
5 Up Down
5 Alt. Supermans (each side)
5 Side Plank Raises (each side)
– Rest 1:00 after 2:30, then repeat to top

WOD w/equipment : 4 Total Rounds
1:30 KB Swings
1:00 KB Thruster, 5 each side alt.
30s Burpees
rest 1:00
– Rotate movements for 4 total rounds. Score is total reps.

WOD w/o equipment : 4 Total Rounds
1:30 Up Down + Broad Jumps
1:00 Jumping Squat
30s Burpees
– Rotate movements for 4 total rounds. Score is total reps.

Extra Work
1. 8m AMRAP
3 Squat Snatch
10 Pistols (5/5)…scale to single leg RDL with weight if able

2. 35 Squat Clean Thruster 175/125