Friday 4.3 : Happy Birthday Thor!

I know for many of you at the gym Thor is that piece of shit little mongrel who barks at you incessantly if you come by the office, or even chases you around the gym like he’s some guard dog Rottweiler. He’s nothing more to you because you don’t know him any better than those brief encounters. I get it. You might not have the same love for the little, paranoid, fox looking guy that we do. But we do.

We got this little fluff-ball tank of a Shiba around July 4th of 2018. He was flown in from North Carolina. First time for both of us ever getting a dog flown in and I’ll tell you it was really a fun, exciting, cute thing. Two adults waiting at the cargo area of the airlines at Logan like little kids waiting for Disney World to open. I think we went into the receiving area 3x asking if our flight had come in before it actually had. Truth is we had tracking info that was accurate to the second so we knew, we just were impatient or figured maybe the tracker was .2 seconds off and maybe our little guy was there.

The SECOND we got the alert that he landed we sprinted into the office and they showed us to the open hangar where instantly crate after crate got brought forward to anxiously waiting new puppy owners.

Quick interruption because I must say, why we got a Shiba Inu I really don’t know. See I already had a checkered past with dogs I went and bought myself, starting with a Beagle named Coby I got in college. It got raised up by me and my 7 teammates in our baseball party house, so yeah perfect for a dog breed already naturally plagued with severe separation anxiety, napoleon syndrome, and other conditions that make them tend to lash out. And by lash out I mean bite, maul, steal your food and run under the couch and stay there howling at you until you left him alone only to emerge 5 minutes later like nothing happened so he could curl up in your lap.

Still, Coby the beagle ended up loved by all, despite his penchant for randomly snapping like a sociopath, until he dropped dead one random night without explanation. Literally woke up, ran to my brother’s room, who was also his nemesis/best friend, took a dump by his bed, and literally keeled over and died right after.

I had a decent run with another dog after Coby though many years later. One of his friends was a Shiba who years ago used to come by the old Woburn gym and seemed like a sweet dog plus I loved how it looked. So after failed attempts at securing a miniature Rottweiler Stacey and I said “hey, Shibas seem awesome, let’s get one without doing any, and I mean not a single piece of research at all. Not one google search, or ask around, nothing.”. We figured we obviously knew everything there is about Shibas since we pet one once so that was enough.

Little did we know that Shiba Inus if transformed into humans would be the most narcissistic, self centered, gluttonous, piece of shit human being on the face of the Earth. Lucky for us they aren’t humans, they’re dogs, and they’re dogs who despite their negative qualities love their caretakers more than their own lives (which they love, A LOT). So while our guy might be lacking in a few departments, he is overflowing with love, affection, cuddliness, and down right handsomeness, and that is all we need to love him for as long as he will let us…which as Shibas go who knows might be tomorrow when he decides he’s tired of us. But it will have been a great run while it lasted!

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Guy Thor. Momma and Dad love you dearly!


Strength: Front Squat + Push Press
EMOM 12m : 2 + 3, heaviest able

CoreWOD: 8 Minutes to Complete
50 Supermans
20 Plank Push-ups
50 Good Mornings
20 Flutter kicks (each side)
50 Alt. Heel Touches (watch demo in AM video)
20 Situps

WOD W/Equipment : 7m AMRAP
3 Burpees
15 Jumping Jacks
– after 7m go right into
3 High Jumps
15 KB Swings, eye high

WOD no equipment: 7m AMRAP
3 Burpees
15 Jumping Jacks
– after 7m go right into
3 High Jumps
3 Wide Grip Push-ups
3 Close Grip Push-ups
10 Situps