Friday 6.26 “Three Wise Men”

We might still be in the bizarre existence that is the year 2020 but trying to bring back some normalcy with a Name/Hero WOD on a Friday, in this case a Hero.

This Hero WOD is cool because we really wouldn’t be able to do it in the classic class format because it’s too many moving parts for a coach to get a class to do. I think I have tried to program this once before and Stacey nixed it after seeing the shitshow it would be and knowing she was in charge of the first 4 classes the next morning. So this is your chance to give it a try!

NOTE ON HERO WODs: Anyone that is new to the gym or Hero WODs in particular take note. These are called Hero WODs for a reason in they are named after fallen service men and women who were killed serving the greater good. Military, police, fire, first responders, some unique ones in there, but all are special people sometimes with a tie to CrossFit/fitness. Now their life lives on through their named WOD.

Hero WODs are meant to be harder than normal. They might be long, or difficult in movement/weight, or very intense time/speed wise. I like to say that for this reason you should do them with a little extra in mind and heart, digging deeper than you might usually to get it done.

BE CAREFUL!!! Despite what I just wrote above, the hero that any Hero WOD is named after wouldn’t want you hurting yourself because you were trying to be a hero yourself doing their WOD. Don’t worry you will never achieve hero status by working out so just get that out of your head. It is good to use these as a chance to go a little harder but don’t be stupid. Many of us are still coming back from a time of less intensity than usual and that can lead to issues when we push through a workout our body isn’t ready for.

Scale yourself as usual. Do not use this workout as a chance to scale up. If you want to give it the real hero go then do it in intensity but do the usual scaling you would for each movement. Rhabdomyolysis, death, all bad outcomes from working out that we don’t want to experience.

Strength: Overhead Squat
– Use 2s to warmup and then find a 1rm, PR/baseline attempt

NOTES ON WOD: I know we have done a few of these movements already this week, but not in this nature, and I really wanted a chance to get this WOD in because we can’t with classes. So do it anyways!

WOD: “Three Wise Men” (This is the actual Rx and Lando Rx. There is an Rx+ listed below)
5 Hang Squat Snatch 135/95 (Video link is not from the hang. Hang would be starting at waist/above knees)
10 Bar Facing Burpees

REST 2:00 then

10 Power Clean 135/95
20 Pull-ups

REST 2:00 then

15 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall Ball 20/14

S: 75/55, Hang Power Snatch, Jumping Pull-ups, Step Ups, 20 Wall Ball
L1: 95/65, Banded Pull-up
Rx+: 185/135

Extra Work : No Extra Work

VirtualFiT : Workout Posting by 5am