Friday 9.4 : “Murph” (For Real) Fundraiser

“Murph” is a workout that is commonly done on Memorial Day (or Weekend) almost universally around the world in the functional fitness community. This past year because of the pandemic we had to modify our Memorial Day “Murph” for outside and social distancing which meant no pull-ups. It was but also wasn’t “Murph”.

Now that we are able to be inside we are going to do this for real, and raise money for a good cause while we do it. Obviously we have to keep our COVID guidelines in place which means it will still be a little different than other years, but it will finally be a chance for a 2020 attempt at the real “Murph”.

How It’s Going to Work
Saturday, September 26, there will be no regular classes. We will start 1 hour time slots starting at 7am and running on the hour for as many heats as we need to accommodate who wants to do it. We will have to cap each heat at 10-12 to keep distancing guidelines so everyone feels comfortable doing the workout.

A $10 donation will be required to signup, you can also donate and not do the workout, and all proceeds will be going to the NAACP of Boston. Social justice is something we all should feel strongly about, regardless of your views on how things around the country are being handled regarding it, and helping organizations like the NAACP monetarily are a great way to help the fight in a peaceful, progressive way.

Once we get a number for how many people are actually wanting to do the WOD we will open up heats that you can then sign up for like a class.

What is Murph?
For those of you who don’t know, “Murph” is one of the original Hero WODs. We do these occasionally on Friday’s, like today. They are workouts named after fallen servicemen or servicewomen, first responders, and usually grueling. This workout is named after Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy. If you ever read the book Lone Survivor or saw the movie version, he is one of the team that died in that insane mission (I highly, HIGHLY, recommend reading the book). “Murph” is:

Run 1 Mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 Mile

You run the miles as bookends, but then in between can break up the reps of the other movements however you like. Now I know that looks brutal, and it is, but as always you can scale it however you need to. Less reps, banded or jumping pull-ups, shorter runs, just like any other Monument Fitness class. As always your coaches will be there to help you scale and support you throughout. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran this is always a great community event!

Details on registering will be coming after Labor Day. Plan ahead and be ready for the 26th!

FRIDAY: Remember, with some Hero WODs the actual written workout is our Rx+, with a Monument Rx listed with other scales.

WOD: “Matt Would Go”
33 Min AMRAP
2 Squat Clean Thruster 205/155
19 Burpees
13/9 Cal AB

S: 20 Min AMRAP, 75/55
L1: 25 Min AMRAP, 115/75
Rx: 165/115

Extra Work
1. Deadlift

Give the above HeroWOD your best effort with what you have available to you. Can use KB swings or DBs for the Squat Clean Thruster, and any cardio movement for the AB (1:00).