Happy 4th of July

Monument Fitness is closed for July 3rd and July 4th. We will be open again Monday, July 6th.

Big happenings with the ability to open for business and we will be holding classes starting Monday, July 13th unless our beloved powers that be pull a fast one. More on schedule coming next week.

Check out below for workouts! If you want to check out a recorded VirtualWOD, you can check them out on our YouTube Channel, or previously recorded VirtualWODs, or try a HomeWOD for equipment or no equipment.

SATURDAY 4th of July WOD

WOD: 7/4/1776
7 Rounds
4 Bench Press @ BW or closest able
17 KB Swings 53/35 (full OH)

Then CASH OUT with 76 Cal AB/Row (Run for 3:00)


4 Squat Clean @ 75% 1rm
then Row/Run/Bike 1776 Meters