Monday 11.30 : TOYS

It’s time for the annual Toys for Tots toy drive organized by our friends down the street at the Teamsters Local 25. As always we have decorations up and a spot to put any amount of unwrapped toys you want to bring. Literally any amount, 1-5000, gets you into a raffle for a free 1 month membership starting 1/1/2021.

Toy drive will go for 2 weeks, so get them in! Thank you!

Strength: Deadlift
3-3-3, then 3-3-3 with 3s pause at top of each rep

WOD: 100 Burpees
– EMOM perform 1 Squat Clean 155/105

S: 60 Burpees, 75/55
L1: 115/75
Rx+: 205/145

Extra Work
1. EMOM 14m
O: 20s OH Hold, taken from Squat Snatch
E: 15 GHD Situps

2. Row 2500m @ 80% pace

EMOM 20m
O: 10 Burpees
E: ME Forearm Plank up to 45s, one attempt each min